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Personalised Stack Creation

I am new to the Game, what should I use first? I have few good things to say,  how can I piece them together? I want to personalise my routines, what is the structure? Greetings fellow Pickup and Social Artists. Over the next few weeks I am going to be answering the above questions and helping…
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1 Hour to Greatness – The Power Hour

How you start your day and the first hour you wake and what you do in it, will set the scene for your whole day’s effectiveness – hence referred to as the power hour – I was inspired originally on this by Anthony Robbins and have expanded on it since then with my life coach…
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The Facebook Openers

by Discovery. This opener (1 of 3 to do with Facebook) actually was field tested in Starbucks, West Hollywood when I was out visiting Mystery and the gang. Now guys if like me you are from the Uk and not used to seeing super hot women, man this starbucks had more hotties than I see in…
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Fashion Police Naughties!

The character and persona behind the clothing totally impact whether or not you can ‘drop’ a look. Fashion is an Art form and Andy Warhol said “Art, is what you can get away with!” Some typical Fashion Police Naughties: 1. No white socks with anything other than sports clothing. 2. If you must wear sunglasses as…
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3 things Women will ask when they are interested in you:

When you Open well, Stimulate quickly and Captivate the Group's attention. You will soon begin to get Attraction (OSCA). This Attraction can be accelerated by YOU demonstrating (not just talking about [FTCs]) your 'Willingness to Walk". And as you get up to look like you are leaving - you will force their hand to begin asking…
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Dealing with Jealousy

As males, we get jealous for good reason and although i don't have the next few hours to dwell on Evolutionary Sciences, the emotion of jealousy has been around since the dawn of time and there for good reason - to protect your partner so that you successfully pass on YOUR genes (as opposed to…
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