Fashion Police Naughties!

The character and persona behind the clothing totally impact whether or not you can ‘drop’ a look.

Fashion is an Art form and Andy Warhol said “Art, is what you can get away with!”

Some typical Fashion Police Naughties:

1. No white socks with anything other than sports clothing.

2. If you must wear sunglasses as an accessory, then in levels of low sun, opt for clearer glass so people can see your eyes when talking with them.

3. Gold and silver accessories, as a rule, don’t mix.

4. Black is the “old man’s cool” – if you like it, make sure it’s broken up with simple flashes of colour – eg – black shirt and trousers, then a pair of tan shoes and belt.

5. The ass-hanging-out look is for fashion sheep (you are a clear follower of others and don’t have your own style)  If you like to conform and be grouped as this, fine, but you are NOT then by default a trendsetter. See below:

6. Simon Cowel – nipple hugging waist band! Work to maximise your shape – guys – a ‘V’ shape is most attractive to women – wider shoulders – smaller waist and wider leg stance – so tailor those shirts so they’re slimmer at the waist.

7. Don’t mix – stripes and squares, generally if you layer your clothing one pattern and rest plain.

8. Accessorise to show your femininity or masculinity BUT that doesn’t mean take your toolshed out with you! Swiss Army knife pouches, phone belt clip-ons, divers watches that do all and tell you when to go to the bathroom are a No No!

9. Fat Bands – go to Jail, go directly to jail, do not pass ‘Go’, do not collect $200 – Judge Style presiding – guys, if you have a pot belly do not wear tight belts that force your ‘well earned’ belly to hangover – Ladies, it may have been a fashion fad for a short period, but FAT is not fashionable, proudly sticking your naked ‘i hate the gym’ belly out for all to see is only attractive to one group – drunken guys who haven’t been laid since a previous life time! Cover it up! Just Sayin :-)

10. Look miserable! – don’t that is! Not having a friendly, vibrant vibe about you will ruin any look you are trying to create.

Again, these are guidelines, calibrate with your environment, show good body language, look comfortable in what you are wearing and be congruent with your personality, and others will accept whatever look.



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