Should you follow a SYSTEM to learn ‘the Game’?

Do you follow a System? or Two while learning the Game?
If so, what is helping you, if not, why not?

When I first started :
(now 11years ago lol)

I had never read ANYTHING before hearing about the Game from a friend and simply making a Decision to "ok I need to learn this shit".
and booked my Chicago Bootcamp (flying from the UK) one week later.

So I was exposed first to the Mystery Method methodology,
Luckily at that same convention Style was speaking and got to spend some time watching him 'Connect' with People in general and not just women (which I believe he is by far the best at in the community and is given little credit for.)
But the Mystery Method Book was just too technical for my practical brain, so I followed Style’s simplified version of this.

Then when my game began to plateau, then, I’d go back to the M3 model (mystery method) to zoom in on the phase mastery.

In this first 1-2 yrs. I also delved into RJ model. But again was way too technical (for me) but what I DID like is some Opening gambits I could use for Day Game. (Btw many of his openers make also great qualifiers). It wasn’t the NLP component I liked, it was his 'Delivery' I was fascinated with.
And so I practised some of his ‘Connecting Routines’ to speed up the ‘Comfort' (Mystery) 'Connection' (Style) phases.

During my first 6 months, I attended 3 straight Bootcamps (I came from a rapid learning military style background, so knew it was all about exposure to the key instructors and time infield (Real live, Coached Practise)

By year 2, I was spending a lot of actual time with Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop (I'd now become their Senior Instructor and Program Manager at Venusian Arts).
I was constantly pulled between them of which style of application.
Eventually, I settled on:

1. MATADOR - was definitely the King of Cold Approach, with the more Flash Game, Caveman style, kino and huge roll offs - this gave my game a Huge Boost and much bigger command of the Social Environment, resonating way beyond the immediate set/group.

2. MYSTERY - Mystery's strength was always in the Calm Delivery and ability to CAPTIVATE an audience and most of all his ability to both Storytell, Captivate and CONNECT with a woman in the COMFORT phase. Sadly it's hard to get a lot of this in just one Bootcamp exposure with Mystery. I was fortunate to have nearly 6 years teaching with him to extract his powerful 'Connecting Gambits' and he's always my go-to guy when I have questions about 'connecting' with a woman (even after sex - with the woman that is not Mystery lol).

3. LOVEDROP (Chris Odom) - his ability to be fun, playful and incorporation of the ‘VIBE (Flame and Ghost), and Role Play skills, with the ability to Storytell, all while adding highs and lows to keep women on an emotional journey with HUGE Buying Temperature. It was in my second year he launched and wrote near 90% of the book Revelation and this was groundbreaking - sadly he got married shortly after so the community was never truly exposed to his amazing teachings. But it was his teaching that allowed me to become more 'carefree' (the Ghost) while lighting those up around me with massively STIMULATING gambits and on the spot stories (the Flame)

I did eventually have to add the OSCA component to clear up the confusion of Open to Attraction, with too many of the students and other instructors using 'Stimulus' only routines, things to say that never truly hit the Unconscious Attraction Spikes (delivered by way of CAPTIVATING a Group and uploading DHV material). I wish I'd had that simplicity of stacking my gambits in the early days as it would have taken a LOT of ball ache out of the game.

The interesting component in all this was that the best players (and typically peoples votes are always biased to those they have spent time with and been inspired by) Matador, Mystery, Style, Lovedrop, Ross Jeffries for me. Was they ALL had a SIMILAR Structure underpinning their Game.

My Practical Coaching mind appreciated this as made it simple to then teach our Coaching Team how to breakdown ANYTHING going wrong in the Game and trace it's ineffectiveness back to a certain phase being applied incorrectly, or in many cases just missed altogether.

I'd heard at many Global Wealth Seminars (Robert Kiyosaki, Holton Buggs, Jordan Belfort, Tony Robbins) all refer to the need of a good:
- S . Y . S . T . E . M -
and I personally believe the 'Game' or the Art of Meeting and Attracting Women beyond our current 'natural' skill level is No different.

the Word System, by the way, Stands for:

Save - Your - Self - Time - Energy & - Money.

And as I have Coached professionally in over 15 disciplines/Sports (for near 30 years), I understand the POWER of having a structure to follow, but once the structure and flow of the phases between are locked down at an unconscious level, that is where greatness appears in the ability to Naturally (perceived) perform ANY task effortlessly with amazing results. And without one is simply trial and error which simply takes longer.

doh, got into the flow on this one. Hope it helps others.

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