Low-hanging Fruit

If you are a functional adult you probably eat fruits. You go to the supermarket, into the “healthy” section with the intention to choose the fruit which is ripe, fresh, the right shape and size, tastes great and is GOOD for you.

by @Aglena3sr

You'll then reach and grab a few pieces of that fruit, get a feel for them, try and analyze whether they are what you are looking for, you might test the outer layer to figure out the inside, and you will eventually pick the one that you believe will give you the best nutrients, taste, and quality for the value - and take it home with you. 🥑

The question here is why are you picking low-quality women to accompany you on your life journey? Why are you looking for quality in places where it can’t flourish? Why are you reaching for those whose outer layer looks “fine” without getting a feel of what’s on the inside?

I understand that we all start somewhere and low-hanging fruit can be great practice - they get validation for their qualities and you get to add to your lay count. However, if you want to wake up in the morning and see a beautiful, smiling face that makes you happy on a daily basis - you need to get rid of the training wheels and start aiming for quality. ⚜️

We all pay attention to what we put in our bodies, we pick and choose our ingredients, we avoid sugar and fast food - all with the intention to feel and look great.

Now, imagine the difference it would make to your happiness if you paid the same amount of attention to the women you invited to your bed and your life... 💎

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