Discovery’s Top Travel Tips

John asked for Travel Tips coming to a 3SR Bootcamp
As I've flown over 100 international flights, thought I'd share 10 tips for aspiring Social Artist studying Attraction.

1. Get to the Airport when the ticket says - even if 2-3 hours early(so many things can go wrong)

2. put your Passport in your BAG NOW!!!!!

3. but some cheap handheld Scales to weigh your luggage(nothing worse than getting there and they tell you, you have to pay $100s more for 1-2lbs more!

4. Pay the little extra to the airport online to use the Fast Track (if your ticket level doesn't include it) - will take ALL the hassle out of lining up (I refuse to do that)

5. use the Business Class line - irrespective of whether you have the ticket or not - Own that Shit - your way of Being transcends Beyond the Game! helps if #6

6. Dress Smart (not a tie etc), but smart casual - 95% of guys make NO effort when traveling - look like you DESERVE that Upgrade for FREE! annnnd there is GREAT GAME to be run at airports as NOBODY APPROACHES - it is the chance Day Game encounter she fantasizes about!

7. HeadPhones are a must with relaxing music to keep you Calm

8. Aisle seats are ideal as you can get up and move around when you please without having to disturb the 2 people in your way (Earth Green personalities avoid this all the time).

9. DO take time out to walk around and chat with the Air Hostesses, in non-busy periods - practice holding court with 3-4 women and CAPTIVATE (osCa) them with something interesting or cool. (they are way more polite and will listen 10x better than girls in clubs) - giving you the essential time to upload your value! (have hooked up with MANY air hostesses in the 2-3 day turn around they have in the same city.

10. You will learn 100x more on LIFE HACKs and ATTRACTION at a 3SR Bootcamp
Discovery, Shaun Michael

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