Desire 🗝by Aglena3SR 

Are you familiar with the feeling of having no control of your thoughts and body when you’re around HER? When it seems like everything she does, says, touches, holds is sexy? Her skin becomes a magnet; you can feel the energy radiating from her movements; you get goosebumps from being close to her and you can barely listen to what she says because your mind is busy thinking “I want her body, mind, soul, energy so badly”.

That feeling is desire. 🔥

It can create emotional and physical fireworks when it’s continuously expressed and can ultimately break a relationship when it’s lacking. So let me give you a piece of revolutionary advice...

Desire needs space. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the other person. It means seeing them in their element, doing something they are good at, achieving, inspiring, radiating confidence - and being overwhelmed with longing for this person standing a few feet away from you. 🧲

Women feel this when they see you interact with children or animals, when you fix something broken, when you are focused on achieving a goal or when you are out together socializing and she sees people react to you positively. It goes both ways. Notice how all of these things require being an observer.

The way YOU become part of desire is when you tell that person how much you appreciate seeing them in their zone. The fine line between saying “It’s nice when you do this” and “I think it’s so sexy when you do this” is that the latter makes you feel wanted. Which one would you like to hear?•

We all want to be desired and will do many things to get the validation we think we deserve. If you have that desire for somebody don’t get caught up in life so hard that you forget to express how much you value their uniqueness. It is a continuous process regardless of whether you’ve been together for 2 months or 20 years. ⏳

Now, go and tell your girl how sexy she is when she does something she enjoys. Thank me later. 😊


Aglena 💋

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