Which openers do you recommend for a beginner?

Discovery responds to a good question asked on our YouTube channel....

It all depends on your initial natural sociability!

Some guys who go out often, just don’t approach at all and could easily get away with confidently introducing themselves and saying "Hi".

However, we shall assume that because you’re looking at our attraction programs, your social skills are not that well practised and natural.

Another factor will be what we call your ‘Impact Value’ - How they perceive you in the first 30 seconds. (Fashion, grooming, Physique, posture, delivery (how are you speak)).

Let’s assume they are average, but like most guys, your delivery and speaking abilities in a social environment do not naturally have much impact (One of the biggest reasons guys get blown out fast).

So then we move to getting you some practice material, not to focus on getting the girl, but to focus on improving your delivery and speaking skills in a social environment.

Basic canned material will help you polish your delivery, think loud and proud. And remember to engage everyone in the group and not just a girl that you like, to avoid being perceived as the creepy guy.

Canned material examples include:

  • The 'Friends getting married' opinion opener
  • How long to wait before deleting an ex from Instagram?
  • Psycho test story,
  • observational openers, etc

We like 'Situational Openers' as they are way more natural, but.....
until you are more relaxed and have a good delivery, your mind won’t be able to come up with these on the spot, so basics to get you going.

One rule to remember Is that it can take 10 to 15 times to polish the delivery of any canned material, But the average guy gives up after 2 to 3 times, thinking the opener doesn’t work, when in actual fact it’s his bad delivery.

Yes, delivery and stimulating and captivating in group sociable scenarios is key.


Oh and this was the Video the question was posted on:

🎥 Discovery on Meeting Women - 'The Game', like Chess, You Need 'Openers'

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