Inside The Friendzone with Rick Dutch

The Friend Zone can be a fantastic, warm and loving place from where you may have sex with her… AND her friends!

Bonjour! This is Rick Dutch and NO…bonjour is not a Dutch word…it's actually Swedish. 😮
Anyways, one of the things you keep hearing in the world of dating and pickup is: “don’t go in the friend zone, once you’re in there, you won’t be able to get out of it”

And so I find that lots of guys create this irrational fear of “the friend zone” which makes them go apeshit and do all these weird things, and behave “not so nice” just so that they are not being liked too much by the girl, because of the fear of stepping into the friend zone with her…which, in my opinion, is understandable at one side…but completely ridiculous on the other!

In my humble opinion, men all around the world, who are afraid of getting trapped into the friend zone, are working on doing the wrong things and therefore get the wrong results in their interaction with women. 

What do I mean with this? HA! Great question buddy! I was hoping for you to ask me this… 

I notice that some men will actually act like assholes, just so they are not being liked as friends…thinking that this will help them not to get trapped into the F.Z.

MOST of the guys who take this road will actually create a situation for themselves where they are being experienced as socially awkward or simply put, as an asshole by the people they talk to…and therefore found NOT to be suitable as a potential bed partner, and also get excluded from the set completely! As no girl…or guy…or dog for that matter wants to hang around people who are socially weird! 

So, by fighting to stay away from the F.Z. they have created an even worst situation for themselves. 

Also, other men just look completely clueless when trying to run a set as they are so occupied in their head, going: “friend zone…not good…I…must…not…get into…the friend zone…”
And yeah, by being in your head, worrying about the friend zone, or any other possible obstacle you might be afraid of, won’t do you any good as it just takes you away from the moment where you are currently in…and you won’t be able to enjoy it…and you WILL project that!

Now, let Daddy Dutch tell you how he looks at the F.Z. and actually USES it as a warm market for picking up women! And how YOU can do this too!

Because I personally LOVE the friend zone, as almost ALL of the female friends I have are women that I have either had sex with…or they are fantasizing about having sex with me (just as much as I fantasize about them, lol!) and so it will just be a matter of time until it actually happens.

How do I know this? Well, we speak very openly about sex and they tell me these kinds of things.

I am very comfortable talking about sex, I joke around about it, I implement sexual energy in almost any conversation I have with women and I do it in such a playful and socially acceptable way…that they too feel very comfortable talking about sex with me. It’s just a part of me…take it or leave it…I don’t care.

You know, we even have sleepover parties while baking chocolate brownies and drink chocolate milk with liquor and giggle underneath the blankets while playing hide and seek together. So now that I think of it, I could actually be “one of the girls” only without boobs but with a ridiculously large clit! (Credit to Johnny Soporno, lol!)

But just to give you an idea, that is how I interact with women and how comfortable and safe they feel around me! 

I am not a sexual predator in desperate NEED of sex…no…I’m the guy that is very comfortable in his own skin, very comfortable talking about sex with women and vice versa…basically, in a nutshell, I’m the amazing friend they also have sex with.

So as you might understand I set a certain sexual frame, it’s just a part of me and who I am and because my female friends feel safe around me, knowing who I am and that I am a guy who loves to make passionate love all night long, they get into it as well and just as much as I do because women love sex at LEAST just as much as we do. (They love it even more really, but let’s not get into that right now)

Being the sexually open and very comfortable guy to hang around, it makes it very easy for the women to express themselves…sexually. They talk about it, they tell me about their experiences, their fantasies, wants, needs and deepest desires…and THAT ensures we have a deep level of trust and comfort going on between us. 

What is the result of this?

We have sex…and lots of it! It’s like the most logical thing in the world to do…have sex! I mean, we like each other, we are amazing friends, we are open and honest to each other and we both like to have sex so hey…lets have some fun together!  

Now that sounds like fun, I know, but what can you do to grow your friendships up to that level:

Ok, first of all, stop worrying about “possibly getting trapped into the friendzone” because it’s better to get trapped in there than to be completely excluded from her and her group. This will help you to enjoy “the moment” with the ladies you are talking to. You are not thinking about it, you are just being you and whatever happens…happens!

Secondly, make peace with your desires!  (Huh? What?!)
What I mean is, we worry about sex way too much, we try not to talk about it because we are taught that it’s something naughty and god will put us in hell just thinking about it (no disrespect intended, this is just seriously something a guy, with an incredible sex anxiety told me a couple years back!?)
So, what I always say is “embrace your desires!” you are a man with healthy desires, and as long you are not hurting anyone in the pursuit of sex, but adding value to their lives…SEX IS HEALTHY!
The more you are weirded out about sex…the more she will be as well, thinking about a sexual encounter with you! Don’t put her in that spot! Be comfortable with sex and she will be as well!
Everybody says “you have to sexually escalate, otherwise you’ll end up in her friend zone” so be sexual…it’s your natural birthright! 

And Thirdly, you must understand that women…even your female friends…absolutely LOVE sex! If there has ever been anyone who told you anything else…that person was either delusional or had absolutely NO life experience!
Women are emotional creatures and absolutely CRAVE the positive emotional rollercoaster you put them on while playing underneath the sheets…they love it even more than YOU!
I mean, I had women squirting, screaming, yelling, crying, punching against the wall, go Freddy Krueger on me, twisting and shivering uncontrollably for minutes and minutes after an orgasm and seriously BITE me and scream at me to continue what I was doing…for F*ck sake I’ve been molested at times!?  (Yes, I have been seriously hurt during sex!)
And do you think women do this because they “just think sex is ok”? Hell no! When was the last time you did all that during sex? So you get my point!

Women LOVE sex and so do your female friends! So, get out there and make as many female friends as possible, the more the better! Step deep inside all of their friend zones, and then slide deep in their…other zones (lol)
See it as a win-win situation for the both of you, you’ll both benefit from it…and so will her female friends 😉

Have fun, be sexy and become a ladies best friend!

Rick Dutch

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