Want to learn FAST, how to get physical like a Pro ?

MOST of all the people I have worked with the past couple of years, all had challenges when it comes to KINO escalating. Either it felt weird for them, or it felt weird for the woman. At times it even felt very uncomfortable to watch when one of my students tried touching a girl's arm... At times it looked like a robot trying to grab a woman's arm, other times the hand stayed on the lady wayyyyyy to long until it got awkward, and I understand that for some guys it's tough to practice.

Now, of course, there are tons of video's about it, and there are even more written articles to be found about KINO escalating, but the fact is that lots of guys are entirely NOT comfortable with slightly touching a woman...let alone intensify the "touching process".

So, how can you become like a NATURAL with women...physically handling, guiding, touching and yes...even grabbing her in a way that feels GOOD to her?!

Well, I don't have a magic pill for you here, but I do have something unusual I want to share with you, which will surely help you if you take action on it of course!
For the past year, I have been studying and dancing KIZOMBA.

Kizomba is originally an Angolan dance, but since last year it has indeed exploded in popularity around the world. It is very sensual, sexy and intimate...and women LOVE it!!!
What I noticed in class was that a lot of guys who were extremely uncomfortable with dancing close to a woman at first, but then grew rapidly into confident guys around women! Faster than I personally ever saw happening in the PU scene! It was INSANE to watch and see their growth!

So, I would like to share a video with you, where you can see a couple demonstrating the dance...and I would like to challenge you!
I want to challenge you, if you would like to improve your skills when it comes to physically deal with women that is, to find a dancing academy near you that offers Kizomba, and attend their classes!

What will you learn?

1 - How to touch women in a way that is comfortable to both of you
2 - Where to touch women, in a way that is comfortable to both of you
3 - How to physically lead a woman
4 - How to dance Kizomba (hey, might as well learn, right?)

You will become that sexy guy that women LUST over when they see you dancing with women on the dancefloor!

Basically, you will become a PRO...or even better...a KINO KING! when it comes to physically handling women, and isn't that what will take you to the next level?

Check the video, and see how valuable this dance would be to have implemented into your system 😉
Oh, and yes, the guy looks like me....and he is almost as good as me...but that's not The Dutch...


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