Why you should smile more !

Hey guys, it’s your Dutch friend here, Rick!

And today I would like to share something with you which is stupidly simple, but incredibly important.

It's something that everybody seems to talk about, everyone wants to do it...but nobody actually does?!

I am talking about…SMILING!

It is one of the FIRST things you learn when you start your journey in becoming a PUA as every coach talks about it! Yet, I see so few men doing it?!

So I want to inspire you with 3 important reasons why YOU should SMILE more, and I hope that you will take my advice and start showing people around you that you are a happy person.

1 – A happy face is MUCH more attractive than a sad face!

I see so many guys walking around with a facial expression as if they have been on a sobbing rampage for years and years!? What is up with that!

As I learnt from Discovery when he pointed this out to me, your happy face should be trained on regular basis, otherwise your 44 facial muscles will mold into this sad and unhappy expression. And just to help you gain a little more awareness on this, just look around and pay attention to peoples facial expressions, and then ask yourself, “do I find that attractive?”

Train your happy face! Do at least 50 facial push-ups  a day and work up a real sweat! So you bring the corners of your mouth up to your ears, fifty times a day, and in no time you will have a more attractive facial expression!

2 – Smiling makes you happy!

Something I learnt from Anthony Robbins a long time ago is that when you “mimic a certain emotional expression” your body will provide you with the emotions that accompany that exact expression! And if I would ask you “would you like to feel happy?” I am pretty sure you’d say YES!

3 – Smiling makes other people feel happy!

Now, it would be very selfish to just be happy yourself, right? So why not make other people happy with your beautiful smile?! Scientific research has shown that smiling is contagious as hell and if smiling makes other people happy…why wouldn’t you want to give others that? You are a high value man, are you not? And high value, attractive and happy men share their smiles with the world without wanting something in return, just because they can!

Now…start smiling! 🙂

Rick Dutch.

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