1 Hour to Greatness – The Power Hour

How you start your day and the first hour you wake and what you do in it, will set the scene for your whole day’s effectiveness – hence referred to as the power hour –

I was inspired originally on this by Anthony Robbins and have expanded on it since then with my life coach and sports psychology hat on….

1. From the alarm going off, get into a routine of GETTING UP WITHIN 5 MINUTES of the alarm – and then 60 seconds when you have got used to this.

2. STRETCH IN BED (muscle stretching gentlemen! :) your muscles are relaxed now and great time to invigorate with a 3-5 min mini stretch routine – especially around spinal column (where most stress will stem from).

3. Large GLASS OF WATER (not ice cold as contracts digestive system) (the more water you drink smokers, the less the craving – you also need more to flush the toxins out of your body (+smells).

4. Embark on a 30 MIN CARDIO EXERCISE (even if to start is a walk) – I personally run 3 times per week and on the days in between, walk the dog and while it is running around a field I use it to think of words of wisdom to share on my blogs, facebook, twitter etc – share good energy – it comes back to you. You will release immediate endorphins making you feel great, less fatigued (mentally) and stress levels will be lower.

5. IMPORTANT (from the book the Secret) – APPRECIATION – the Secret (law of attraction from the Universe); every morning (ideally within the power hour, while you are invigorating your body, exercise etc) appreciate 3 things about your life and surroundings – don’t focus on belongings – but opportunities and beauty and good alignments – the more you appreciate the beauty and good energy around you in the universe, not only will it make you feel better about yourself, but…. the more you radiate, positivity, good energy in appreciation of what is good in your life, you will not be focusing on the bad AND the universe will align to present you more of the good.

6. READ even if only for 20 minutes, something positive – perhaps the book the Secret, or Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within”. Get your mind in a positive and positive giving space.

7. GIVE GOOD ENERGY – share your positive thoughts to lift and inspire others (as I am sharing with you right now) – again the more you give out the more you will ‘attract’.

8. REVIEW YOUR DAILY GOALS: Don’t just end up at work and ‘react to the day’ go back to your weekly goal sheet – set a minimal criteria list for the day and some ‘Success’ goals (even if just 2 and you accomplish one, you know you are growing and becoming more successful because of them) – go back to previous days goals – did you achieve all you need to? Don’t panic and DONT…..!!! add all of uncompleted goals onto today – they will mount up and you will resent goal setting – instead – spread them over the next few days, are they really that important, perhaps they can be done next week, perhaps delegate to someone else.

9. CONNECT with someone you have not in a while – there are opportunities awaiting you that the universe is ready to give you, you simply need to reach out and connect to find new and intuitive opportunities to help others and help yourself.

10. ENCOURAGE – I have never had the opportunity to share with you my version of the “Wisdom of Geese”, but one of the insights of geese flying in true formation with common shared goals and support of one another, is that they are always HONKING – make sure today you are honking words of encouragement to others and not something else. You will get it back.


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  1. Am gonna start using this tomorrow!
  2. I'm not a fan of A Robins simply because I feel he's over hyped and so forth. Be as it may, some good pointers here I can incorporate into my lifestyle.

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