Reality Check – Should you Buy Her a Drink?

1. Men prefer women who are less dominant than them.
2. Men prefer women who EARN LESS than them (affects the ego)
3. Men prefer women who are YOUNGER than them
4. Men like to play the Protector and Provider role.
- (the latter Evolutionary Hard Wired into us, so as to ensure when she is pregnant and with your child, you will 'Protect & Provide')
- and while women want equality and independence it is STILL built into THEIR Evolutionary wiring to find a man who will 'Protect and Provide' indeed it is even part of the attraction mechanism, NOT that you have an abundance of resources BUT.... you are willing to share those resources (Generosity) with those you care about, love and protect.

Given what MEN prefer and what WOMEN LOOK FOR....

Trying to remain equal or refusing to go anywhere you have to spend money can have its consequences. Especially as you are choosing a younger women who earns likely less and sometimes MUCH less than you.

There is so much more on this and this is covered in depth in our new 3SR 'Dating Masters' series (Launch end of May 2018)

but for now lets keep the dialogue open.

But personally, and yes, its not about the Alpha or Beta
(ps. pickup community, most men act alpha and beta in different scenarios and totally normal), but my priority is to be a man of wealth (not riches necessarily) and freedom and do whatever it takes to be Successful, so If I buy a round of shots for my friends and get a couple extras for the girls who just joined our group, because am in a good mood and it's such small outlay from my 'resources' NO BIG DEAL.
If we go to a Club with friends in a strange city and the line to get in is huge and means we need a table and my friends and girl dont earn as much - "I got this!" - as Grant Cardone would say "10X your life, so you don't have to watch the Pennies".

As a Man... Create a Life of Success and Abundance so you can STEP UP and take your place as the 'Man of your Home' and that means having the skills, abilities, freedom and wealth to raise a family (even if you are just looking to get laid in the here and now) - your time will come.

** - Yes am mindful many pua coaches 20-30yrs of age are all about 'lets just get laid' and it is those same coaches, crawling around the streets, (wearing the same clothes day in day out) and advocate "Don't spend a thing on these women" - ultimately they focus so much on Pickup forget to build the Life of a Real Man to 'Protect and Provide' and have an Abundance of "SOCIAL | PICKUP | WEALTH"

Choose your path wisely.

love and respect.


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