I really didn’t want to become a Pickup Coach!

Really, I didn't. 

Most guys see my videos, or at Bootcamp/Pickup Seminars and think he's a Natural - Ha far far from the Truth!

I was just an ordinary guy, running a small training company (team dynamics) and was miserable as shit with my dating life.

I'd left the Army, moved to London and didn't know a single soul. Starting all over again was just painful. Nobody to go out with (I tried and after first 2 rejections, went home) - I didn't even know 'Game' existed at this point.

So I literally stopped going out. What was the Point!

I was annoyed at myself, as I was a good Professional Training Instructor, I was good at helping and motivating others, so why couldn't I teach myself how to meet women, ATTRACTIVE WOMEN?

6 years went by and so I just accepted that it would happen by chance one day in the future, so just get on with my career.

I was really miserable!

I kept a smile on for work and even Match .com back in the day.

I just put so so much energy into chasing average girls, because it was better than being lonely. And all it did was re-enforce that I was actually quite anti-social and NOT good with women. I just got more and more frustrated.

So I attended my first Bootcamp,

After a friend who knew how depressed I was getting told me about some training they were doing in the USA. I finally got excited.

It happened to be a Super Convention, with Style, Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop - an all star cast.

I was shocked by the amount of fandom they had. How could these weird almost awkward looking guys, be getting any women - I didn't believe it!

Although I didn't see the hotties their marketing talked about, I WAS blown away with how so effortlessly they always had women around them.

And aside from all the cheesy 'Pickup Lines' - the Women were REALLY having fun. They were Stimulated, they were flicking their hair every few seconds to get more attention, the Instructors would get distracted by a passing girls (I later found out this was a 'Big roll off' and showed non-neediness and even helped build jealousy, that she would react to unconsciously and become even MORE Attracted).

This was the OPPOSITE of ME!

I would NEVER have walked away to speak with another girl (the Roll off). I'd have been using my sales training skills to build Rapport with lots of Questions, like "where are you from", "what's your name" etc. She'd have had 100% of my attention.

And this was My Problem!

Despite Friends telling me to "Just be myself", EVERYTHING I KNEW, was working against me, being myself, was giving me the same bad results.

I mean, I was a good Boss at work, had respect of my industry, was earning good coin and thought of myself as a nice guy, even 'A Good Catch' who would be a good boyfriend, BUT.... I just didn't have the same Impact Socially as I did in the Workplace.

which, was so F*+king frustrating.

and the Bootcamp didn't help me!

Yes, it opened my eyes, it gave me hope, I learned some stuff. But, from a Teachers perspective, it's like going to a Martial Arts Convention - you'll Learn, be Wowed, but unless you start practising Martial Arts, it will never be a real SKILL in your life.

And I knew, like Martial Arts, to learn the Venusian Arts, I needed time in the Dojo.

NOT on my own, but with an Instructor present to correct and guide me, otherwise it could take years and years. And I wanted to LEARN FAST (something I'd learned from many Master Instructors in other fields that was essential to becoming really good at any Skill).

"If you learn slowly, you'll only ever become Mediocre - LEARN FAST - Get the Skills, Get the Girl, Get on with Living"

Coming from a background of teaching one form of skills or another (Army Fitness Trainer, Windsurfing Instructor, Sales Training, Team Dynamics, Jungian Personality Profiling , you name it - done it lol) my list of teaching skills was endless and I'd been teaching since 19 yrs old. So...



1. Just be around those who are better than me for a year or so and get massive exposure to their skills and knowledge.

2. Immediately Teach what I learned, as this helps to both retain the information, clarify it more in your own mind and incorporate it into actions faster. They made us do this on the Windsurfing Instructor course, the Expedition Leader, every teaching program, they made you practise with others immediately!

BUT... the Problem with being around those who have the skills, it cost money and I had a full time job and small business to run.

I KNEW however, I needed the exposure to these guys, to keep learning and growing. NO book or Video was going to help me practically.

So I Made a Decision!

I needed to TEACH and Share what I was learning immediately AND needed to shine in the Top Guys' eyes. I did NOT have the theoretical knowledge and years learning Game like most of the other students.

Working with what you have I used to teach others - so I applied it to Pickup too - A WILLINGNESS TO FAIL FASTER.... Like my Sales training, I needed to 'Decensitise to Rejection - and FAST. Which made the whole learning experience easier - just Approach more sets/groups of girls than everyone else put together.

I burned a lot of Approaches this way but knew I needed to reach 100 Approaches within a month to stand a chance of changing my habits (30 days to make or break a Habit).

There had to be Balance

Pickup I could see, it was obvious, could burn a man out.So I got healthy, lost some weight, started eating better, followed fashion tips, and literally restyled myself (thanks in part to the blonde in the picture below, who was a fashion stylist and my first GF from the Game). Yeah I even did the crazy Peacocking lol.

It Worked!

Matador was like "Man you're a Trooper". So he gave me a bit more instruction at my second Bootcamp (Washington DC) and following his guidance (and over 15 not going anywhere approaches) I had a girl sat on my lap.

Lovedrop (Author of 'Revelations' and 'The Pickup Artist') told me to bring the girl out the next night on the Sunday, which was normally reserved for Coaches only - GREAT! more Infield time.

but She flaked on me! 🙁

- A No Show from her on Sunday - How embarrassing, but no matter, was getting more exposure with the then Masters of the Game.

Approach, Open, Approach, Open, Warmed up.... Approach, Open, Stimulate, Bounce, Merge, DHV... so simple, it was finally happening for me.

Long Story Short....

I got invited to the next camp for 50% cheaper (out with the credit card again lol).

But because I knew I would be joining them in Los Angeles in a months time - it really motivated me to rack up another 100+ sets that month to stand out again.

And I did, again - NOT from major skill, but I was using their material, I was pushing for new Infield Challenges, more Compliance from Women, sharing more fun stories with better delivery, getting those early kisses on the cheeks (ahhh bliss lol).

Mystery told me I'd make a Great Pickup Coach and should come hang with them. BOOM - I was in!

Being an ex Military guy - I was quite organised, so agreed with Lovedrop, I'd help out as their new Program Manager in return for Free Bootcamps and even moved to the Hollywood Hills for a couple months to live with LD and Mystery to further soak up all their unique skills.

Now Before this becomes a walk down memory lane. I am sharing this solely to highlight a few things:

  • to LEARN the Game like any other SKILL - takes effort and time
  • The 'Skill' Progression can be massively accelerated with continued exposure to those who are GREAT at the skill you want to acquire.
  • you HAVE to be 'Willing to Fail Fast' to grow quickly.
  • and Nothing is for Free and takes Sacrifice
  • Be Humble to Learn (whatever your previous successes) Mentors will give you more!
  • What can YOU offer a Pickup Coaching company to offer value for more of their time?
  • Like everyone else - Recognise you don't have the Time, You likely don't have the money, but just Make a Decision and figure out HOW to Make it Happen.

By Sacrificing some of my Business growth, even some equity in my home, I was able to afford the frequent travels to the USA, accommodation etc.

And I needed these constant Bootcamps/Trainings otherwise work pressures would never have let up and I would never have found the time. So they kept me on track.

It took me 18 Months in total

Within One Year, I had surpassed all the Venusian Arts Coaches Infield to become the Senior Instructor and was touring with either Matador and Mystery.

It took me 18 Months to reach a 'Master' Pickup Artist Level, when in Miami, Mystery presented me his personal 'master' badge from the VH1 show. I was very proud of my achievements at the time. Now I accept that so many others can EASILY achieve this same level, they simply need the Opportunity and chance to have exposure to other guys good at the Game


But YOU don't need to Sacrifice as much to get great

If the Pro Coach Development Program had been around when I started, I'd have saved a small fortune in my investment to get really good 'Game' Skills.

If this PUA Coach Program would have been around it would have taken so much PAIN out of Learning - figuring shit out, having to process what they were teaching vs what I saw them actually do 'Infield'.

I also would have done it WAY faster and ANYONE....

Anyone can become a Master PUA in 6-18 months!

Anyone, as long as you are:

  • 'Willing' and Humble to Learn,
  • can do 100+ Approaches for 3 months to desensitise
  • Can set aside 4-5 hours a week to do Free Coach Calls with Newbies who can't afford Bootcamps (it's about giving back)
  • Attends 2-3 Bootcamps in first year to gain experience as a Coach
    (6-12 days Infield)

As long as you are willing to do the above - we can help you become a Pro or Master at Attracting the Women you desire rather than settle for.

Could YOU Become a part-time Pickup Coach and join the 3SR Team?

ps. Yes, full time is an option, but everyone starts as a trainee, so you can keep your job and earnings and learn at your own pace. Later transitioning to part-time with assisting at Bootcamps and doing 1on1 Coaching, before becoming a Senior Coach and hosting your own Bootcamps (most of our team still have professional jobs and careers and earn extra as a part time Pua/Dating Coach).

Next Steps....

  1. Look over the details on this dedicated Coach Info Page
  2. We'll send you an Essentials & Desirables List to become a Coach.
  3. You'll also get an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheet.
  4. Schedule a relaxed, no pressure Chat with an Existing Coach, so they can learn more about you and you can ask Questions about Your Potential.

Although I didn't want it, becoming a Pro Pickup/Dating Coach, not only changed my life, but SAVED IT. Sounds extreme I know, but for all the success I had in my job, Life without 'Choice' or the 'Skills' to find someone special in Life, is a miserable existence.

AND... it DOES NOT GET BETTER on it's own or just by 'Being Yourself', trust me I tried for years!

GET IN TOUCH and ask for YOUR Coach INFO Pack

with love, pride and respect,

(Shaun Michael)

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