3 things Women will ask when they are interested in you:

When you Open well, Stimulate quickly and Captivate the Group's attention. You will soon begin to get Attraction (OSCA).

This Attraction can be accelerated by YOU demonstrating (not just talking about [FTCs]) your 'Willingness to Walk". And as you get up to look like you are leaving - you will force their hand to begin asking Questions to keep you around. Questions like.....

1. What's your Name?
2. Where do you come from?
3. What do YOU DO? (the big one)

Don't lie, but give some consideration now on HOW you will respond - are you passionate about your response, would it be compelling to listen to? would other guys stand by and listen to what you have to say? Does it have DHVs built in and not DLVs?

POST YOUR RESPONSES HERE. Our coaches will give you some feedback


Your first response is normally something fun a playful - break the mould of other guys who hit on them.

What's your name?
.... Perfect lead into Stripper Name Game!

Where are you from?
..... You can use Role plays e.g....
Just looking down my list I have about 10 different ones. One of the ones I used earlier on in my game was the "Neverland" response....

She: where you from?
Me: actually you can see from here (kino on her shoulder and guide her to look up towards some building or through window if inside)
Me: There you Go Second Star on the right 
She: Giggles, no seriously...
Me: WHAT! You don't believe in Peter Pan, Me Neither, that is.... Until I moved in next door. I mean he's cool and all, but does wear a bit too much makeup  trying tonkeep that Youthful look. But it was Tinkerbell that did it for me - what a noisy Bitch! fairy music until all hours and then there's the fairy dust - she just was on way too much! 

So I moved out and here I am...

Speaking of Tinkerbells types.
[stack forward]

"You have that high maintenance vibe about you, always needing to be on Fakebook everytime nobody is speaking to you. So go on how many times do you 'tweet' a day?"

Ok you get it - BTW.
THIS ONLY WORKS if you have a fun playful delivery and allows you to end of in a challenging her.

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