Premier Bootcamp: 4 day Fast Track

It is NOT for everyone!

This is not a program designed for a quick emotional energy lift and feel-good factor!

This is NOT a 2 day Bootcamp, but a 4-day 'PREMIER' Training Camp [Bootcamp] and by far the best we have ever created!

And certainly the best on the market for both Interactive Training, Live Infield Coaching, Performance Review, and sheer Practical Application. We put a LOT into this 'Premier' PUA | Attraction | Dating | Social | Skills Training Camp. In fact, Discovery, Shaun Michael (Star of the Amazon show "Attract Any Woman") and the team spent 6 months painstakingly designing it for every hour of training, role play, Q&A, goal setting and demos. All so YOU can get maximum results and massively improve your Approach, Pickup, and Social skill set in the shortest time.

Now it's only fair to ask that as WE put so much time into this - YOU put some effort in also. Really all we ask is that before you attend you should read the book "The Game", as this will give you a basic understanding that allows us to spend more time working with you personally and more interactive training thereby accelerating YOUR learning.

What Basics are Covered?

Of course, we will be covering all the 'bread and butter' Basics of the Game including:

  • Understanding Why Men Get 'Approach Anxiety' - and how to overcome it.
  • Understanding Attraction - (and how YOU can create it with anyone)
  • Conversational Basics - (Stop running out of things to say)
  • Approach, Opening, and Delivery - (Not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it)
  • Common Mistakes every Man makes -Get rid of them fast!
  • When and How to Ask Questions - without sounding 'Needy' or desperate
  • Building and Accelerating an 'Emotional Connection' -
  • Closing - Number Closing or Kiss Closing - the choice is yours!
  • Limiting 'Date Flakes' - Give her a reason to really want to see you again.
  • Creating Sexual Tension -  for her to Chase You!
  • Creating the right Platform for the Relationship YOU want - Loyal & Committed, Casual, or an Open Relationship.

But, what makes this a 'Premier' PUA Training Bootcamp:

- NEW - 1on1 GAME Analysis with a Master PUA
(Discovery on Day 1)
- Understanding what the modern woman wants
NEW - OSCA Attraction model (the most simplistic and effective Game model)
- NEW - NO FAIL Openers and how to deliver them
- The Power of storytelling (4 hr exercise to extract the true richness of YOUR life and weave into compelling infield stories)
- Advanced Delivery - incl. Live Role Plays daily
NEW - Discovery's 4C - Challenge, Conversation, Connect, Close Progression Model.
NEW - Creating a  7-10 hour 'Emotional Connector' Plan
NEW - The Basics of Text and Phone Game - Get it right or lose the Girl!
- NEW - Understanding Your Personality and Adapting for Infield Impact.
- WHICH style of GAME works for you? with many styles of pickup, we'll show you what will work best with both your personality, time to practice, preferred type of woman and preferred venue - Game that works for YOU!
- actual closing techniques AND infield Practise of Closing (kiss and numbers)
- NEW - Your Online Social Profile building (Instagram etc)
- NEW - Day Game Basics  Meeting Women Naturally
- NEW - Autoresponders - How to Hack the Game and respond to common questions and create Attraction from early IOIs.
- NEW - Sexual Escalation - Fast Physical and Pre-framing Gambits
- NEW - Intermediate Stack Creation
- Stack Creation Exercises - for beginner - Intermediate
- Varied Openers for - Hired Guns, Day time (passing by), situational, direct, micro calibrated
- How to move beyond the Pickup Artist - The Social Artist
- NEWSocial Circle Mastery - Simples steps to 'leverage' your way to Social Success and grow a strong female Social Circle.
- NEW - Wealth Mastery - Get a Life Game plan that both she AND You can be excited about.
- NEW - Fashion that Suits YOU - dressing for your body size and shape
- Creating the Life, that WOMEN WANT you to have (and a one YOU can keep up within your weekly schedule)
- NEW - Relationships R1-R3 - from 'managing expectations',  to 'Setting Ground Rules', Avoiding high maintenance types and 'Being the Leader'.
NEW -  90 Day Game Planning - How to plan for your next 3 months post bootcamp.

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4 Days Impact Interactive Training
Thu, Fri, Sat 12-7 pm Workshop
NEW and exclusive to 3SR:
+FREE Day3
 for 1on1 Debriefs and Personal Action Planning

$890  (circa £670, €800)



4 Days Impact Interactive Training
Thu, Fri, Sat 12-7 pm Workshop
+2 nights (Fri, Sat) LIVE INFIELD COACHING
with a Master Trainer and 3SR Coaches
NEW and exclusive to 3SR:
+FREE Day4
(Sun) for 1on1 Debriefs and Personal Action Planning

$3500 (circa £2600, €3100) - spread Payments for as little as $200 monthly


Full *VIP* Premier package

4 Days Interactive Training
Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun 12-4pm Workshop
3* nights (Thu, Fri, Sat) LIVE INFIELD COACHING
with a Master Trainer and 3SR Coaches
*Extra night Live Infield (=3 nights) (Thu) [Max 4 guys] +Free (normally $500) Post Program Skype Coaching Calls

$4400 (circa £3300-€3900)
(for an extra Thu or Sun night Live Coaching)


3 hour Taster [Occasional Availability]

Not sure if this is for you? - Try a taster
Thu only 3 hour Workshop

Only $99



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  1. This is my personal favourite program to deliver (trialled it in Summer of 2013) - having 4 days with guys gives them both the time to grasp all the 'extra' components of the Game that really bring it alive, get plenty of personal feedback on their Game and what I like is seeing them walk away with a Personal Action Plan that they will work on in the coming months. And on a personal note, I've made some really great friends on this training camp. Shout out to: the 2 Richards, Jonathan, Sebastien, Anestis, Bobby, Dushan.

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