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Discovery’s ACADEMY

Our Weekly Success Academy Group hosted by Master Coach 'Discovery'.    ​In a typical 90-minute weekly video group call, members report in their Successes from the previous week and acknowledge areas they need to improve on​. With instant advice, support and feedback from Top 3SR pro Coaches. A weekly Lesson from the topics below, with…
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‘Impact’ Bootcamp

So what is an 'Impact' Bootcamp? A 3SR Impact Bootcamp differs from your standard 2 day Bootcamp in that an 'Impact' Camp is uniquely designed for just that - IMPACT, both with the women you approach over the weekend, your skill-set - and your LIFE! There is a LOT of personal interaction time between you…
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Premier Bootcamp: 4 day Fast Track

It is NOT for everyone! This is not a program designed for a quick emotional energy lift and feel-good factor! This is NOT a 2 day Bootcamp, but a 4-day 'PREMIER' Training Camp [Bootcamp] and by far the best we have ever created! And certainly the best on the market for both Interactive Training, Live…
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