1on1 PUA Coaching

  • Reached a Plateau in your Game?

  • Had a bootcamp and want the next level?

  • Got specific Sticking Points you want hammered out - Fast!?

Then a One on One training weekend could be ideal for you. A 1-on-1 Training with a 3SR Coach or even Master Pickup Artist is something very special indeed. And we treat it as such - this is 100% YOUR time - no one else's, just You, a professional Coach/Trainer and a whole weekend to Focus on what YOU WANT TO COVER! Just imagine spending 2-3 days with one of only a few persons on the planet who can teach you what you need to know to get the 'know how', Awareness, Skills and Practise to:

Find, Meet and Attract the Girl of your Dreams!

Training up close and personal with a top Pickup Artist or even Master can be a life-changing experience:

  • Get all those essential questions answered that have been bugging you,
  • Your  Routine and Gambit Responses totally personalized,
  • Be in a group with girls, while a Master demos (here it, see it, FEEL the Impact)
  • Get live feedback and advice there and then in the bar/club,
  • Discover up close the subtle secrets tactics Pro Pickup Artists use to 'Get the Girl'
  • (those little things that make the difference between Closing or Blunt Rejection!)
  • Chill and have lunch while debriefing your previous night.
  • Learn first hand the proven strategies WE used to get good FAST!
  • and walk away with a solid list of EXACTLY what you need to do to grow

Where: LA, London, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney, ANYWHERE!

So whether you come stay and train with us or we come to your city, you can either invest in the whole weekend or share with 1 or 2 buddies to keep costs down (all depends on how much 1on1 time you want).


2 Days 1on1 Training
(Fri, Sat 1 - 7pm)
2 nights (Fri, Sat) Live Infield Training
NEW and exclusive to 3SR:
+FREE Day3
 for 1on1 Debriefs and 90 Day Personal Action Planning


Trainer Level   1-on-1    2-3 Persons
Master PUA/Trainer   $10,000    $10,000
Senior Coach   $5,000    $8,000
3SR Pro Coach   $3,500


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2 Responses

  1. Hi, I would like to know what the 1on1 entails. I would like to learn inner game as well as outer. I have my reservations as to whether 3 days would be sufficient to learn all day, night game, hired guns, strip clubs etc. Is there "homework" i need to do before i start the 1on1. I am planning the 1on1 after 9th Jan 2014, Who would be my trainer in UK. Thanks, Amir
  2. zaf
    Hi, Im interested in 1on1. Would please advise how to proceed. I will be available after 4th Jan. Many thanks, Zaf

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