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"My Game is going to go through the roof!
Beats just Bootcamps!"

Jimmy, Utah
(Previous Bootcamp Student)

"This is by far
the Ultimate Pickup Training Program
to come out in Decades"

Gurmit Samra, Film Director
(Get Gone, Attract Any Woman)

"Are we really going to give away
10 Free Bootcamps?

Sebastian Gold, Physio Student
(who became a 3SR Coach)

Attending a 3SR Bootcamp can be the catalyst to a totally new world opening up for you as a Man. A new life filled with confidence knowing you can have the skills to Meet and Attract Any Beautiful Woman. Any Hot Girl you meet while walking to work could be your next Girlfriend. The girl in the bar looking over at you, could be in bed with you tonight and surprising you with coffee tomorrow morning.

Practise makes.......?
NO! - Perfect Practise makes..... Perfect!

And while you are now aware of the sheer amazing future you can have with solid
Pickup Skills, Powerful Dating Strategies and Social Savviness making you the centre of attention in any room. You, of course, have to work to build these skills.

And like learning ANY new skill in life (martial arts, sales, yoga etc) it is going to take Practise. They say "Practise makes Perfect". NOT TRUE. Those who practise without a Coach/Mentor guidance very quickly stagnate their growth by repeating the same mistakes.
Imagine practising martial arts in a dojo without a Pro Instructor to correct your techniques and give you encouragement to get to the next level. What's going to happen?
Yes, you will get some results, but you are never going to reach your full potential and even the results you do get are going to happen VERY slowly.

The Question is....How Fast do you want to Grow?

How about...... 

If you had not one, but a TEAM of Professional Coaches working with You Personally over 18 months. With monthly Coaching Calls, Challenges and Assessments AND...
.... NOT ONE - but TEN BOOTCAMPS to come to regularly and practise your skills, rocketing you to the next level FAST!

We put this Special 18 Month Pro Mentoring Package together for the Guy who knows he wants to learn 'the Game', but does NOT want to drag out learning it over years AND wants the higher end skills and even become a Master at Pickup | Dating | Social.

1-3 Months - Achieves the Core Basic Skills Meet, Attract, Connect, Close Basics
4-6 Months - Advances the Basics and becomes Proficient at all Intermediate Conversational Skills without Routines.
7-9 Months - Learns all Core Social skills to leverage his Pickup to work less hard and Attract Higher Quality Women.
10-12 Months - Masters strategies to Keeping Relationships Alive.
13-18 Months - Has advanced Skills in some of the Pillars
Attraction | Dating | Seduction | Lifestyle.

18-24 Months - Has Mastered ALL areas to become a Master of 'the Game'.

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*The VIP 'Founder Member' FREE UPGRADE Package is strictly limited to 20 places.

What's in the 18 month Package?

In a Nutshell - EVERYTHING!

We have loaded a package full of everything AND more that you will need to become a Master of the Game.

  • *  UP TO 10 BOOTCAMPS OVER 18 MONTHS  - fancy a Day Game dedicated Bootcamp, or Premier Camp with Discovery, or a Stack Creation specialist workshop - attend anytime anywhere Globally all inclusive
  • 1on1 MONTHLY COACH MENTOR CALLS - assigned your very own Coach for each 3-month phase to get feedback on your infield nights, work on a Gambit with you, offer an encouraging chat when needed and even a kick up the ass when needed too.
  • *  3SR ROUTINES & GAMBITS USB STICK - Running out of things to say? Need some inspiration on how to respond better to "what do you do?" - Great we'll send out a stick every few months with live Video demos breaking down popular and New Routines. Perfect to add more conversational topics to your infield discussions
  • MONTHLY 'MASTER' SUCCESS MENTOR CALL - Benefit from a Group Success Call with the other VIP Mentees and a Master Pua/Master Coach. Get enthused, even a kick up the ass where needed. But most importantly an opportunity for you to share your Results and feel good about what you've achieve so far.
  • *  FREE SUBSCRIPTION to the New 'Dating Masters - Attraction Academy' - Learn from over 30 professional instructional videos on all areas of the Game. These are updated with new products every 3 months
  • *  6 MONTH 1ON1 MASTER REVIEW - get a 1on1 session with a Master Pickup Artist & Social Dynamics Coach to give yet another boost to your Learning and Success
  • *  SUPER CONVENTION FREE ATTENDANCE - a once annual event in Vegas - come as our Guest and see how your skills with Women have grown compared to everyone else - Be the Social SuperStar (all 18 Month Pro Mentees are invited to share their experience on stage)
  • *  90 DAY GAME PLANNER - a fantastic tool completed with your coach to highlight key areas for you to work to each 3-month cycle, keeping you motivated, growing and most importantly - watching the responses from women loving your company.
  • *  OSCA ROUTINE STACK CARDS - one of our most popular tools, especially in your first 6 months to remember some things to say (yep one of the biggest killers to Game, is Running out of things to say).
  • *  ALL 3SR PRODUCTS FREE!!!! - Any Video Program, Ebook, Support Tool we produce in your 18 months - you will get FREE - and this year alone, that is over 6 new product launches
  •  * +FREE: 50 Weeks Success Calls as part of the 12 Month Mentorship Academy. Interactive Group Coaching: Game, Man Skills, Health, Wealth, Productivity, Goal Achievement.
    normal cost ($890) 



for bookings OCT/NOV 2023:
= $11,900 (Saving $30,120)

for bookings from JUL 2022 onwards:
= $26,800 (Saving $14,330)
Secure your Place with a $1900 deposit
and spread the remaining over 6-18 months
or pay in full for a further $1500 discount.


Become a Founder Member of this Pro Mentor package
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LIMITED strictly to the first 10 enrolled Mentees.

  • *  VIP SEATING & BADGE + FREE Guest @ 3SR Super Convention
  • *  VIP BOOTCAMP UPGRADE - at all 10 of your Bootcamps you attend - you will get an extra Infield/hangout night with the Coaches as a VIP Guest - ideal to get that personal 1on1 time to dissect your thoughts, get some extra feedback and socialise with the Pros.
  • *  3 x FREE BOOTCAMPS FOR YOUR GUESTS - Want to train up a new Wingman, help your buddy infield - then bring him along free as your Guest.
$17,900 TOTAL VIP Founder Member VALUE
INCLUDED ONLY for first 20 'VIP Founder Members' enrolled
Including the VIP Founder offer
Secure your Place with a $3900 deposit
and spread the remaining over 3-10 months
of pay in full for a further 10% discount special


A willingness to learn, leave the Ego at the door and BE COACHABLE and you will get the very most from the Program, the Process, the Team AND the Women you engage with.


REQUEST an 18 month PRO Mentor Info Pack NOW
Complete below in full and we'll be in touch shortly.
*The VIP 'Founder Member' FREE UPGRADE Package is strictly limited to 20 places.


"The few who do, are the Envy of the many who don't."
- Shaun Michael, (Discovery)

"Just Fuc*ing Do It!"
- Dan Pena