10 Focus points to Use TONIGHT!

the Girls are waiting for YOU!
but is "being your 'Best Self' working?

Sometimes it's just the simple things or 'Bad Habits' that get in the way. Use this list to check how you are coming across to the social environment and appear to these women who put hours of effort in to look good for the right guy - now BE the right guy.....

and Use these TONIGHT!....

Key Focus of a typical night -

1. look like you belong there
2. Smile, smile and keep smiling
3. Be the FLAME!
4. Be the Observed NOT the Observing
5. Be Expressive
6. Enjoy your friends in between sets (they are more important!) and do not talk pickup inbetween sets.
7. Be the Social Artist - NOT creepy Pickup Artist.
8. Ensure your Group is the BONFIRE of the room.
9. merge the sets opened and Grow your Bonfire.
10. Only with 2 girls to 1 guy ratio Bounce group to Club.

and when/if shit goes wrong - NO BIG DEAL!

love Discovery

5 Responses

  1. Rick Dutch
    Ten basic focus points...but if you want to grow, in any artform for that matter...the foundation needs to be rock solid so you have something strong to build upon. Read these points every weekend before you go out and cultify them to be a natural habbit! Have a great night!
  2. Renaissan
    Great post. Short and sweet. Be the bonfire.
  3. Solid and simple guideline ... setting the structure of how to roll for the night Ive been going out with 1 focus point every weekend ... this motivated me to challenge myself to have 10 each night ... It's more dynamic :)
    • Rick Dutch
      Keep on plowing Boris! How are you doing anyways?
  4. It's sort of the opening rules. Don't forget to touch her, tell her you are interested (with of course A1 to S3 in mind but don't be too rapped into to it be prepared to skip a few stages) And every girl you like tell her "Come to my place" If you tell this every girl you are left with 1. girls who say no, and then you find out her objections and get good info 2. girls who say yes. Escalating makes more girls attracted to you that not escalating. I guess very few girls would get aroused from not escalating actually ;-)

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