Understanding your ‘Starting Point’ in #theGame

The Light just Went On!!!!!!!

Learning the Game - many styles, many start points

Where are YOU starting?
by Discovery

Before 'The Game' I was an International Level Speaker/Trainer/Life Coach and many of my Personal Effectiveness/Team Dynamics programs had a good share of what guys call 'Inner Game'.
This got me thinking......
My life was great and I had an abundance of self confidence. I spent a lot of time travelling and speaking at conventions in the Fitness Club Industry and launching clubs (UK, Germany, Belgium etc) - I was SURROUNDED by Beauty! literally! I was only at the new club launch for the first 2-3 months and then moved on, so never built up a local social circle.
And all I REALLY WANTED was to find a Beautiful Girlfriend to go home to at the end of the day's hard work.
Again, like I said - I HAD Confidence, but my approaches with a 'confident Hi' just sucked! grrrr!
So I took a Bootcamp in Chicago some 8 yrs ago now with Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop (Chris Odom) and within months my life had been transformed! I finally had something to say past "Hi, I'm Shaun"
All I'd wanted/needed was to have a few things 'to say' and an understanding of what to do next without so much uncomfortability.
But NOT EVERYONE is the same. Not everyone in 'The Game' is starting from the same 'Ready Steady Go Line'
Your level prior to the Game will dictate what you need next.
and a good Coach will help you identify which group you are in as this dictates a very different approach to 'What' you should be learning AND 'How'.


Some guys are absolutely terrified about Approaching women and they need some confidence building and a re-frame of their present situation and then some simple steps (like obey 3 Second Rule and lets desensitise together over next 48 hours with 30+ sets and a smittering of Wins (smiles/giggles) that he can focus on to build his confidence. (referred to as 'Inner Game')


Some guys like me, perhaps spent a lot of time in their lives focussing on their Jobs and Careers and climbing a corporate ladder and not so much on being sociable (my natural personality is much more comfortable hiking up a mountain and a tent than a nightclub - but somewhat of a scarcity of Beautiful Women up a mountain peak) - and they don't have a 'Fear of Approach' but are frustrated with 'what they say' is not working - or not working to the level they would like.


Then I get guys who on the surface their lives are great - they are even quite social (my 2 1on1s presently in the 6 month Pro PUA Fast Track fit this category)
They may even be a Leader of huge organisation and men are jealous of their wealth or success - but inside they are eating themselves up with a lack of choice in women.
NOT choice in their Social Circle - but constantly end up in the Friend Zone as not so good on closing OR they are getting trapped in their existing Social Circle and the 'Cold Approach' really is too much of a kick to the Ego when it goes wrong. And he simply needs also to desensitise to Cold Approaching outside of the cosy Social Circle he has, then have a few things to say to get the Conversation going, some simple 'Push Pull' techniques and Kino to create some Sexual Tension - and boom - a man alive!
and the list goes on -
Why do I share these scenarios - because Everyone has a different start point in the Game - and while many think in 3 Second Rule we are all 'routines 'Outer Game' based' the Teaching and Coaching style is adapted based on where the 'start point' for each student is. 
And even when a guy who needs a LOT of 'Inner Game' work and Confidence building comes to me - YES he will get an Inner workout overhaul (Yes a Mystery Method Instructor teaching Inner Game - eek! lol)
(with my special Size 10 Drill Sgt Boot up the ass 😉 but there is NO better way to desensitise to 'Cold Approach Pickup' than to get out there and do some numbers to replace old bad Habits.

Let me leave you with this thought....

If you go into a new room and it's dark and a bit scary all on your own,
do you spend time - going inside your head, pumping your state and processing HOW Electricity works? NO! Your flick the friggin Light Switch right? - boom result.
Common Sense ok and it is so because you have had a life time of practise of flicking the switch and getting light (Habit). But what if you didn't know HOW to get Light - you could go on a program to build your confidence, especially when going into a dark room and feel better about it! Even read lots of Theory on HOW Electricity works so you are more empowered.
You find a Mentor who can show you how to build a Habit of flicking the Light Switch and Getting a Result (fast) because:

****** THEY have a proven S.Y.S.T.E.M ******

oh and System - stands for - Save Your Self Time Energy & Money!
PLEASE SHARE and list YOUR Starting Point below - I will talk about YOUR Scenarios in upcoming LIVE  Facebook.com/Shaun3SR sessions.
As always, a pleasure sharing and if YOU want to discuss YOUR 'Start Point' and what style of Game, You need to learn to get the fastest results,
simply complete the 2 min Game Analysis
and one of our Pro Coaches will give you 15 mins feedback on what YOU can do next to improve your skills in Attracting Beautiful Women into your Life.
with pride and respect
Global Master Trainer
3 Second Rule

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