Social Artist Challenge #1: “Become a SophistiCAT”

NO... the Master Challenge is NOT an ego trip, but for those who already have good PUA skills and aimed at improving your Social Artistry, beyond Pickup Artistry.

Become a SophistiCAT

  • Check your local magazines for list of events over next few weeks.
  • (e.g. launch night of new bar)
  • Make contact with the venue and let them know you will be bringing a few hot girls with you (this will push you to deliver) and ensure they have you on the VIP/Guest list.
  • Invite all the girls in your funnel to the 'special' event
  • Choose your wingman carefully - you will both have to be the 'Flame' at the event to keep the girls engaged and into you.
  • On the evening of the event - you should be rolling into the venue with 2-5 girls. (if you have 4-5, you can easily get the venue to 'comp' you a free bottle for bringing so many girls.
  • NOW ... let the night unfold, you will notice that being so highly socially proofed the other girls in the room will be totally reacting to your elevated 'Social Value'
  • DON'T WASTE IT!!!!! - this is the chance to try out some new moves you have been working on/ escalate faster / close more numbers/Facebook etc.

but don't be the sleazy pua, but the cool 'SophistiCAT who introduces girls and mixed groups to each other - starting with a group of 5 you can easily have upto 20 people in your group by the end of the night.

the Club/Venue will then immediately put you on their 'special' list and you will be treated like a star every time you go.

Most importantly - relax and have fun - you deserve it!

Comments, Questions, Realisations?
Post Below... all feedback is good feedback 🙂


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