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3sr evelution

The Game was the book which changed how people saw attraction between males and females, the world was introduced to the term Pickup Artist. Underground seduction lairs where brought to the light and the book quickly became a bible for every AFC living in his parents basement wishing to have the Midas touch with the opposite sex. Guys all over the world started to test and try out theories of pick-up. Lairs, projects and communities popped up like weeds all around the globe and the game began.

Even with its growing popularity among the male population it was still very much an art kept to the shadows (AKA the internet forums), it was not until the original master of pick up, the Canadian illusionist known in the community simply as Mystery brought the game to the TV screens with VH1 The Pickup Artist, thus the secrete was out and every Tom, Dick & Harry had an opener to try at the club.

Even though men all over the world now thought they had found the magic pill and many a men have found success like never before with the opposite sex the more popularity the game has gained the less effective the old ways become, every weekend that goes by increases the chance that the HB you opened with your "dental floss" opener is going to call you out on being a "Pickup Artist".

Does that mean the game is dead? that for those of us who did not get on the ride while the going was good just missed the train? is it time to bury the M3 model and forget it like your old VHS player? Do we need to invent the wheel anew? The answer is NO! knowledge never becomes obsolete however that which does not grow withers and dies, that is the rule which applies to every living organism on this planet.

3SR is the evolution, the next stage of the game. It's not about generic models, it's about understanding who YOU are. It's not about fake DHV stories but about understanding how the life you have lived IS a DHV story. It's not about walking around like a peacock on steroids with avatars that has nothing to do with your own personality but about showing the best version of YOU. It's not about F-closing every girl with a pulse but about building YOUR life, YOUR social circle, about BEING the high value male. BE the leader of men and the women will follow, it's not about making you into a pickup artist but about you BECOMING a SOCIAL ARTIST

As explained by one of the greatest martial arts philosophers Bruce Lee in The Tao Of Jeet Kune Do,

"we take that which works, we discard that which does not and adapt the art to whom you are, instead of trying to make you into something you are not." [Bruce Lee]

To peel away the layers of wrong social programming that has kept you from reaching your full potential.

It is not about playing the 'Game' in a new way, but playing the game on a whole new level, we welcome you to the first day of your new life, we welcome you to The 3 Second Rule school of social artistry, the class is now in session ......

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  1. se poder posta vídeos com legenda agradeço,e melhor ainda,se for legenda brasileira,gosto muito de seus vídeos mais não sei falar inglês;

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