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The Social Circle Of Success

If you are the solo pick up artist, crawling from bar to bar with your black nail polish, goggles and a tophat and THAT works for you, so be it. Mystery was a pioneer in the game, it's HIS persona and he works it, but you shouldn't copy ANOTHER's persona! Being a wannabe is the…
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Approach Anxiety Decoded

In this article I will discuss approach anxiety and┬ásome tips┬áthat may just help you barrel through it. But to know how to deal with it, first off let us decode AA to and look at what it is and why it exists. We are born with a certain level of survival information hardcoded into our…
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Discovery – the Uncensored Truth!

Now you may wonder that since this in essence is a review of my very own residential with Master PUA Discovery, why then did I choose to name it Discovery - the Uncensored Truth? The reason is that I will be dropping some truth bombs on you, about me, about the industry of pick up…
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The 3 Second Rule Evolution

        The Game was the book which changed how people saw attraction between males and females, the world was introduced to the term Pickup Artist. Underground seduction lairs where brought to the light and the book quickly became a bible for every AFC living in his parents basement wishing to have the…
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