Discovery – the Uncensored Truth!

Now you may wonder that since this in essence is a review of my very own residential with Master PUA Discovery, why then did I choose to name it Discovery - the Uncensored Truth?

The reason is that I will be dropping some truth bombs on you, about me, about the industry of pick up and Discovery as a coach, uncensored, untethered and unmasked.

"You can't handle the truth!"

My name is Bobby and when I took the uncomfortable plunge to take a Bootcamp, I was a 32 year old man. I was also quite fat, short and Asian (the Pakistani kind not the Chinese kind) in the land of the midnight sun. Ok, not the end of the world I hear you say - but wait until divulge the details.....

Discovery truth


Norway is full of gorgeous, tall, blonde blue eyed women, they are on the top ten reasons to move here. Almost all women here are beautiful, so what's the challenge? most of the men are too!

So being the short, fat, paki guy with glasses doesn't exactly get you laid so to speak.  I used to think (and boy was I wrong) that the main, if not the ONLY reason, for the lack of female attention was my obese body.

So I worked HARD and within the space of 7 months I lost 35 kg (70 lbs), and you know what? Women started flocking around me, I had more phone numbers, dates and lays that I could count. I found my dream girl, a perfect 10, we just got married the other..... yea, no..... if life was written by Walt Disney then maybe I would have changed into prince charming, standing triumphant on top of the stairs with rocky's theme music playing in the background. Know what honestly happened?

NOT A GOD DAMN THING ! if anything it got worse!

Truthbomb: Why didn't my life get better ? Simple, though your physical shape is on the list of check marks women use (and yes bulging biceps and pecks of Himalayan size will get you initial attention) , it is by NO MEANS on the top of the list. There are far more important evolutionary attraction switches then a six-pack (and NO I am not talking about being a nice guy! there is a reason they say that nice guys finish last)

"You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes"

A friend introduced me to the game and VH1 the pick up artist, so a googling I went. Low and behold "what you think about you bring about", 3 months ahead in time Mystery and Discovery were coming to Norway as speakers on a seminar.

I attended with bells on, the whole 9 yard with live in field. Now I (like everyone else) got bromance going for Mystery (that man can work a room without you even knowing it) With him came Discovery, his protégé. I had never heard of him, not seen much of him on the forums either as I would later find out he is not much for writing, more of a "doer".

Truthbomb: My first thought about Discovery? a pretty boy, well built, tall, broad shoulders, great sense of style, Hollywood white teeth. So I was like "yea, it's been easy for him. I have been a short, fat Asian dude with NO social skills. He cannot understand me". I never connected with him on a personal level at all on the seminar.

However he was the very personification of the game, structured and as I quickly saw, was holding the seminar very well. He was also the one showing interest in how the students were dressed. The one always on time and the one pushing the students when we were infield.

When it came to Mystery, people gather around him like moths to a flame. He will make you feel very at ease and build your ego. Which Master is better? to be honest it comes down to the student. For me at that time (as I think it is for most newbs in pickup) I stuck around Mystery listening to his stories. I was very sure of that Discovery was self absorbed and not paying attention. I was shocked to find out that ACTUALLY he saw EVRYTHING the students were doing in-field (hmm sounds a bit creepy when I write it like that, but you know what I mean) And little did I know how much time and knowledge I would actually get from Discovery.

Both during the seminar and infield, I got a lot of eye-openers as well as aha moments. For my sake I learned less about what TO DO, but more about ALL THE THINGS I was doing WRONG. It was an amazing experience and it answered the question on EVERY newbie's mind "Does game work?" and the answer (drum role please) YES !! it does, but like any other tool its effectiveness comes down the person using it.

However, you know what happened after the seminar? NOTHING !! why? I went out the weekend after, got the most horrible AA and LEFT the Club. After that it was welcome on to the excuse train to why I should wait. "I am tired" "long week at work" "too stressed" "to little time" "no one to go out with" "what's the use?" "I will be rejected anyway!" "this whole canned material is stupid" "Norwegian girls are not like American" "I am just to ugly" Yup you name the excuse and I will hand you the coach ticket for that car.

Truthbomb: You know what the pick up industry will normally not tell you guys? The  average pick up bootcamp will not change your social and pick up skills by any measurable degree (if your already a natural with social skills and you want to get even more of an edge, then yea taking a single bootcamp will arm you with new skills)

Anyway the bootcamp is not supposed to change your life in a weekend. Is it a waste of money? FUCK no ! cause what it does do is much more important. It opens your eyes to the possibilities of what is achievable, add insights to who you are, what you are missing and more so, WHAT you need to DO to get what YOU WANT !

Taking that first bootcamp is like choosing the red pill, you see the truth but the journey, well that my friend is just beginning. It gives you a toolbox and instructions on how to use them, depending on your own skills and the time you spend playing with your tool (yes pun intended) the better you will get.

Some are more natural than others, some already have a good social group they just need the few bits and bobs to tweak the reactions they want from females already around them. Some are geeks, with star wars dolls, spending their teen ages playing Street Fighter II (I have lord of the rings figures to incase your wondering).

Your results and your experience will depend on your starting point and your effort.

"The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem"

I had scratched the surface, found the truth that the pick up arts work (like most of you I had my doubts, those were cleared away after that weekend) Life started happening, and before I knew it a year had passed after that first seminar in Norway without any results because my lack of effort.

I wanted to, nay needed to do more. I felt if I had gotten more time with them infield things would have been different. But to be honest that was also an excuse, having masters infield with you is a GREAT tool, but it can and will become a crutch for some.

I would painfully learn that it is not about the canned materials and the gambits, not about the black nails and top hays. Not even goggles, it's good to present a package wrapped in tinsel and ribbons. But if the box is full of shit, you don't really get far. Before I was to get good at Picking Up Women - I was told quite directly "I need to Pick MYSELF up".

Like I said before if you want something enough, the universe will provide you with chances, if you decide to take them or not, is up to you. Through a friend I ended up on a skype call with Discovery and told him how I had felt about the Bootcamp and that I didn't connect with him at all.

We talked and I understand his background more, how it didn't just "come to him easy" and that he had literally invested years - grooming his persona, fashion, styling, voice delivery - with works.  I wanted to spend a whole week doing this. To gain momentum. I wanted the top prize, so what better way than to convince him to have me live with him for a week (I believe this is where the concept of the 'Residential Training was born), a whole week living with a Master Pickup Artist. Watch out for my next offering and I will tell you all about the good, the bad and the ugly of a week with Discovery....

Bobby Love


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