The Social Circle Of Success

If you are the solo pick up artist, crawling from bar to bar with your black nail polish, goggles and a tophat and THAT works for you, so be it. Mystery was a pioneer in the game, it's HIS persona and he works it, but you shouldn't copy ANOTHER's persona!

Being a wannabe is the kindergarten level of game (Just to clear it up, modeling IS the first step of learning ANY art. But in this post we are talking about the black belt level), if you want to ride your whole life on a bicycle with training wheels than you keep going out as a lone wolf and playing your openers and living in the Stimulus [oSca] phase because you enjoy the little sparks of approval in form of laughter.

However if you don't JUST want to dress like a Mystery wannabe, but play the game on the level of masters like Discovery, Sebastian Gold, Mystery, Arash and Game Masters of the world? Wanna know how? well than get your pen and paper out and start taking notes, cause the CLASS IS IN SESSION.

The key to success is very simple, MASTER YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE

The Social Circle Of Success

Play the socialite NOT the pickup artist. The glory days of the solo PUA are far over, it is time for an upgrade. Evolution, you either grow or get weeded out. So how is the social artist game different? and what does it do? Well, a quick review of the evolutionary DHV attraction switches.

1. Pre-Approval - Other Women Approve of you

2. Natural Leader, especially of other Men

3. Industrious

4. Healthy Emotional Wiring

5. Social Status

In the ancient times of PUA, we would use DHV stories to convey those 5 switches. All in all the success of the story would come down to the delivery skills of said PUA. However, we have always known that the two STRONGEST switches for attraction are 'Pre-Approval' and Natural Leader.

We have also known that the effect of SHOWING those skills live are MUCH more powerful than telling them in a story. The HOTER the girl, the stronger the need to demonstrate pre-selection. Any 8+ girl WANTS to see that other women of beauty want you! why? because a hot girl is going to choose to give her social value (beauty) to you, now if she aligns with the wrong person she is more or less wasting her social value.


There is a easy yet difficult way where you can demonstrate ALL DHV switches without even "saying a word", the magic bullet, the answer to your prayers, all in a single word (and a popular tv show). Now say it with me class.....ENTORAGE !

Yes put in work and effort into your social circle and it will pay off 10 fold, working JUST on that new opener and getting the delivery spot on will pay off triple. Don't know about you, but I prefer 1-10 odds over 1-3 odds. Start working on your social circle, become the fun guy who EVERYONE wants to be with, the guy who gets invited to the parties just cause he is sociable, fun and even "safe" (I said safe NOT boring. Simple way to be a guy who feels safe? DON'T fuck every hot girl in your circle have friend-zoned hoties. The force is strong with the one who can FZ a 9) Be the guy who knows the good places in town, knows what's going on, the guy who always has the tickets to the coolest things.

"Birds of a feather flock together"

You think you understand the power of entourage? here you go its Saturday night so you call your beer guzzling, no girlfriend having, hairy backed, can only talk about football, going out in old jeans and a white wife-beater friend who like crawling from one grungy pub to the next, and you think "YES I HAVE MY ENTOURAGE, bring on the honeys"

NO ! what's wrong with you ? A group of AFC does not a PUA make ! Look I am not going to judge your friends and who you hang out with, neither who you feel comfortable with, but at the same time I am not here to stroke your ego. Rightly or wrongly, the reality is based in an old saying "birds of a feather, flock together" you WILL and you DO get judged based on who is in your social circle.

Why? because we normally hang out with people who are either on the same status level as us OR in best case scenario where we feel slightly upscale compared to them (the one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind). Read any wealth creation and success books, watch people like Tony Robbins, Belford, Demartini and they will tell you to associate with wealthy and successful people.

Why? association is a powerful tool, it inspires, motivates, educates and will force you to work harder. On the other hand associate with the "wrong" people and they will in best case hold you where you are in life, worse case they will make you lethargic, apathetic and even depressed.

"The vibe vampire"

(shouldn't use the word "vibe vampire" Discovery loves making me say V's, I am Norwegian so my V sound like W.... anyway....) MANY of us have people around who make us feel like shit, they are depressed, needy and are always taking from the good vibe table (great phrase by Dundee) and never put anything back.

You know the kind of person who no matter how great you feel will somehow rain on your parade? The guy-friend you introduce to a girl, whom you are trying to pick up and HE will try his best to take her from you or AMOG you? The friend who always tells you how dumb your ideas are and how they will never work? Yea well your first step to success is to GET RID OF THESE people. I don't care how good friends they are.

If they poison your mind and your soul they gotta go! if they are complaining about life but never do anything to improve it? they gotta go! if they are doing the same shit year after year after year.... THEY GOTTA GO !

Look as harsh as this sounds, but when all is said and done you have on average 29000 days, 696000 hours. Take out sleep, shit, work and eat you have already lost HALF that time. Should you really be spending the remaining time with people who don't make you happy? do nothing to improve YOUR life? at times even HOLD YOU BACK WHEN YOU TRY TO MOVE ON ? hey if you wanna spend your time in the bucket of crabs, be my guest.

Let the games begin

Now that we know what we DON'T want, let's work on what we DO want. Get a group of people around you who are in the hustle, people wanting to improve their lives, social status, the level of females in their lives. Have people who have already achieved the goals you want to achieve, people who are trying to achieve what you have already gotten and people on your level.

Guys who are fun, laid back, people who are secure enough (or have game enough) to share the position of leader when you are out, who contribute to the table of vibe either in the sense of good story telling, jokes, fun and more importantly being GOOD LISTENERS so when you are telling your story they are listening like it's the best shit they have heard. What does it convey when a people are intently listening to you ? That YOU are the leader of men, lead the men and the women will follow

DO NOT have hyenas in your group. You know the ones where you bring back a girl to the group and the guys all JUMP on her trying to one up each other?? yea... you know what the girls see when that happens ? LOOOOOOSERS !!! you go out with guys like that and it SCREAMS that your friends do not respect you and they are not used to having women of beauty around them, hence YOU are not used to women of beauty.

" The gentlemen's club"

We covered the kind of guys you want in your entourage, BUT here is the deal, you can be a COOL bunch of guys, you are still a bunch of guys! Often just walking into a venue as a sausage fest will put girls on alert. Now if you are on a Discovery or Mystery level, it's not a problem, if you are a decent socialite you can fix the situation. However, if you can avoid an uphill battle why not play the odds in your favour

Build your group with women already in it. You walk in to a club with a entourage that has girls in it, INSTANT pre-selection, you don't need to tell a story about it, it's THERE. The hotter the girls in the skimpiest cloths shows that you are a PROTECTOR OF LOVED ONES, why? cause they feel safe with you. You are walking in as the cool guy, with no agenda, the orchestrator of the party, guys and women reacting to you, laughing at your jokes, listening intently to your stories, you don't need anyone or anything cause you are the party, you are the FLAME !

Do this right and you will see proximity like never before, sets will fly open. The friend-zoned guys with their hot girls will be disarmed cause you have hot girls with you already. They will GLADLY present you to the girls they are out with, why? because they want a shot with the girls you came in with since the girls they came with have FZed them like there is no tomorrow.

Yes my friend, ONCE you reach this level of game. It's a whole new playing field. So use less time on forums looking for the perfect opener, go build a fun life that people WANT to be a part of, build a social circle of success. BE the maker, the CREATOR of memories and you will get more ass than a golden toilet seat. Discovery is the MASTER of social game, once you go out with him all this becomes crystal clear and that's why for our a next installment I will be interviewing him, one of the great masters of social who has brought social leveraging to a whole new level...

Bobby Love

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