Mindsets & Preparation for your first Boot Camp

Let me be the first to congratulate you on taking a big step to improve your dating life. You’ve invested your time and money for the Bootcamp. You also have to deal with the expense of travel, lodging whether it’s a hotel room or an AirBnB and food. And if you’re like me you’re missing income for not working for several days. So let’s look at some strategies to make the most out of this investment. First off let’s be clear  3 Second Rule teaches you game but it’s also a lifestyle enhancement company.

First and foremost leave your ego at home. Forget whatever you thought you knew about game, and allow the coaches and assistants to take control and give you the tricks and tips and knowledge so that after your bootcamp is over you can go home and continue to develop and achieve success.

Secondly, make sure your read The Mystery Method and know several fun and flirty routines and gambits. We are not looking for you to be a master at knowing the M3 model and all the routines but coming in with a basic understanding will allow you to grasp the material being taught at a much higher level. You’ll appreciate what you are learning more and have an easier time practicing it infield. You will not be second guessing or forgetting what you memorized.

Thirdly, make sure you come with a big notebook and several pens or pencils. You’ll be taking tons of notes and if you want to become successful at this, when you get home you’re going to want to reread your notes, and really become familiar with the steps.

Lastly, have a cheat sheet with some routines and gambits that you can refer to when you go out. If you’re stuck or forget what to say having some notes in your back pocket that you can refer to in the bathroom, will greatly help you out when you get back into sets.

I hope these tips that I’ve written have helped you prepare for your bootcamp, yes it’s great to know theory but to become a master and proudly wear that red charm that Discovery wears, it involves lots of practice some good nights, some great nights as well as some terrible nights where you are questioning if this is worth it. In the end I always remember that initial investment that I made to improve my like.

Mike White

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