The Facebook Openers

by Discovery. This opener (1 of 3 to do with Facebook) actually was field tested in Starbucks, West Hollywood when I was out visiting Mystery and the gang. Now guys if like me you are from the Uk and not used to seeing super hot women, man this starbucks had more hotties than I see in a month in Nottingham, UK lol. But this Starbucks is special as it was right over the road from Vivid Porn Studios and it just seemed to be a haven for hotties.

So there is me beavering a way on my laptop, while being constantly distracted (God I was like a dog with 2 dicks and a street full of lamp posts!)… So anyway I was working on some new Day Game openers and stuff I could use in normal social settings and kept having a browse at my facebook, pondering on whether or not to remove my then recently ex’d girlfriend – well we had split up after 9 months (this was during the end of my 1st year in the game) – I had, had to feel the pain, knowing she would move on and as a hotty would get all the attention in the world and I would have to get out of my comfort phase and get my sarging head back on.

I was trying to move on quickly, but kept getting shitty messages about me and the women in photos I was getting tagged with (IOI? I don’t know, felt more like bitterness to me) but it was causing problems with the friendship I really wanted us to retain. I had found strength to move on with some great advice from my friend Matador…. And my dilemma was….. whether or not to remove her from my facebook and all the back lash it would create.

So what the hell, I typed it out there and then in Starbucks West Hollywood and to get me out of the headspace of where and when to run it, I agreed with myself, the minute I stop writing it, I will run it on the first 8+ that walks by.

10 minutes later, finished, a girl that a year ago I would have considered way out of my league walked by with a vibrancy in her step and a smile that said I am something special (the ones we tend to shy away from  .

Here is what happened on that day in its raw format:


Me: “Hey, let me get your thoughts on something real quick.”

[i didnt wait for her to respond]

Me: “How long, if at all, should you wait before removing an ex from your facebook?”

HB: “Well how long have you been split up?”

Me: “Well only a month, but I’m out here and she’s touring and I keep getting all these questions about what am up to because she has seen me tagged in various photos while I’ve been out here.”

HB: [slings her bag off her shoulder and sits down] (I like forwardness of American girls) “ooo this is an interesting one”

Me: “Grab a seat why don’t you” [neg with playful attitude]

Me: “So anyway, I always used to tell her that if I were away doing shows [open loop] and she ever felt uncomfortable about any pictures she saw me tagged in, not to keep it inside and be frustrated, but ask me and I’d be happy to fill her in on what was going on”

HB: “Oh that’s nice of you” [I never caught onto the IOIs until later reflection, which is normal when you are running new material as you are too focussed on getting it out to practise - and that's why you shouldnt be changing your material every week to find the next best opener!]

Me: “woah there, slow this down, by me a coffee before you hit on me like that” [cute laugh in return to neg 2]

Me: You know I felt for her…. a. she was in less of a position now to ask the questions and b. I didnt have the opportunity to re-assure her – so she was kind of like getting a double emotional wammy…. and all because some women dragged me into a harmless photo at a friends party [pre-selection].

HB: mmm she ponders

Me: “well right or wrong I just told her, look…. you’re not going to like it, but we are both going to be meeting new friends and getting back to growing our social garden and I dont want you feeling niggled every weekend when you look on my facebook, so am taking you off for a month or so, so we can both relax and not feel judged”.

HB: “Yeah that’s fair – So what you doing in Hollywood?” [IOI]


Now just so you know how it all went, she invited me and a friend to a house party in the hills (after a bit of text game later the next day) which I went to with Matador and the host (a Director of some old Movie that I had never seen, but Matador had) really liked us, which in turn added to our value with her. She turns out to be one of the Playboy Golf models (not the Mansion types, but more the everyday pretty types Playboy uses for corporate events) – and has loads of contacts – now I was only there a couple of days, so rather than play and run, I decided (friend zone I hear you shout  ) to put her into my non FClosed cool GFs – who has since hooked me up with no end of parties and her friends in Hollywood and LA…. ahh good times, as I stare out my apartment window at the rain of Nottingham.

so in summary:…………

1. Hey, let me get your thoughts

2. How long, if at all, should you wait before taking an ex of your facebook

3. let her speak for a moment then cut in

4. FTC – well what I said to her was xxxxx

Nice and simple!

Yeah I know… and in the day time (more so as she sat down indicating she did have time too) or social settings I like to extend the openers as to also demonstrate value with embedded DHVs.

I like this opener as its about relationships, dilema, facebook (I call it Fakebook for laughs) which is all current, your touring GF of value, the fact that she is still chasing you somewhat, that you have your social life going on, and some open loops for further conversation. All in all – solid ‘chick crack’!

Definitely in this original format was suited to more calmer environments for delivery.

Try it out and let me know how you get on – lets see if we can get 50 guys to try it out – once 10 of you do, I will share the other 2 versions that I have created since then about Facebook.

How did YOU get on with this?..... share below......

ps. any opinion opener I use, is taken from my real life, which is kind of a personal rule of mine in the game.


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