Scarey Road

I was with a woman for 8 years.

It was one of those relationships that was comfortable but as she applied increasing pressure to get married. I could feel my walls caving in. The world was shrinking. I knew it wasn’t the right place for me. 

She was lovely, kind to others and would have made a great mother. On the flip side she aggressively tried to control the relationship and the affection had long stopped in the bedroom.

There was no hugs and kisses. I was simply the provider. The man that went to work and provided a nice place to live. I think we were both comfortable. Comfortable with each other.

I will accept though. I wasn’t playing my part. I wasn’t being the man. I would seek her advice on the next actions to take in life. Then I would go out and execute them. I was very good at executing. I could make great money and provide a great life. 

Now I look back and think of it like Game of Thrones. How strong is the man that needs his queen to make all the decisions. How would she find that man attractive? A man needs to be a man. I know a lot of women aren’t into being equals these days but there comes a time when we have to accept. Men are wired with testorone and women with Estrogren. We are wired differently and our bodies are programmed to serve different purposes.

I refused to accept this initially. I wouldn’t listen to advice. I would make more money and spend more money desperately trying to spend my way out of the situation.

Nothing worked. In fact the more I bought. The more the sex and affection slowed down. The ruder she become to me and the more advice I sought from her.

I wasn’t her white knight.

I was the almost a servant for her to command.

I trained with Shaun. He told me straight and point blank. I appreciated the honesty but sometimes it is scarey to take action.

What would happen?

What is nobody loved me?

What if I couldn’t get another girl?

What if this was the best girl I could ever get?

What if I needed her advice to survive in the rough world.

What if. What if?

Eventually we broke up and she ran into the arms of another man. A man she told me she would never date. “He wasn’t her type”. I was disgusted.

A few phone calls to Shaun (Discovery) and some friends for support and I started on the process of rebuilding myself. Sometimes you have to pull up your socks. Grab your balls and say I will be a man!

It was a scarey dark place. I am glad I paid for the coaching and support to get through it. It is the best investment I every made.

6 months piece by piece. I rebuilt my life. I increased my income, fashion, and more importantly my story telling skills with the help of the best in the industry.

After just 6 months. I had a new problem. I wanted me time. I wanted girls to go home so I could enjoy reading a book or simply going for a hike. 

Girls where throwing themselves at me. Girls wanting to take me to bed. Girls wanting threesomes. I had become a guy who was worth persuing. I was rejecting girls left and right. It was like having a big box of chocolate eventually you have eaten enough. 

You desire the high quality chocolate now. You don’t want regular chocolate. I was rejecting low grade chocolate. Women could no longer impress me on their beauty alone. They needed to be smart, funny, have great energy. 

Today I date an FHM and Zoo Model. She treats me like a king.

Our life purposes are aligned. 

I have zero fear I could start again and find another woman of equal quality. It might take time. This woman is rare but it would happen!

I feel like I am enjoying a Disney movie where I am finally the White Knight. Now I am on a mission like Discovery to transform as many men as possible.    

Looking back if I could offer one piece of advice.

It would be disconnect your phone from your ex.  

Go spend a week with a professional social artist. 

Watch and see what is possible.


and you will end up with a life that is amazing.

3SR Coach
Sydney, Australia

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