Bad Advice? – “Just Be Yourself!”

(by Discovery)

"Just be yourself"

Am reposting this one as it keeps rearing it's head in forum questions:

This is an interesting one - ask women for advice on dating and 9 out of 10 times they will say "Just Be Yourself!"
argghh - Being 'ourselves' isn't working!!!!

On your journey to master the art of attracting women (the women you want to date), you will experience many models, suggestions ideologies....

Here are 5 simple thoughts on WHAT to put your energy into:

1. Present yourself at your best - look and act your very best - Fashion, Grooming, Physique.
2. Learn HOW to Speak - Ensure you practise using your voice so that in any environment when you do speak - your voice 'captivates' attention from those you speak to.
3. Get Women in your life - and not just to Fcuk them!!!! - as friends - build a healthy social circle and you will naturally meet more women through your girl friends.
4. Approach 500 women in the next 5-6 months (circa 20 per week) to desensitise to the ART of 'cold approach' this will have you ready when the on in the Food Halls, Shops, Coffee house walks by - you are on it with little fear.
5. Focus on "Changing her Mood, NOT her Mind"

some simple tips to help you focus your efforts.

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  1. Rick Dutch
    Funny your writing about this, i just spoke about this to a friend of mine. Telling a guy "to be himself" clearly NOT working for obviously not the best advice he could get. And still so many people tell that little canned routine to everyone around them...i take it, it's because it makes THEM feel good, as they present that profound bit of wisdom ;)

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