Discovery’s “Turbo Charged” Game Explained

by Micky Angel.... Can you stimulate a woman’s emotions? At will?

Do you know exactly what emotion she will feel when you do or say a certain thing?

You should!

Women are emotional creatures. Their emotions drive their behaviors. And if you can influence their emotions, you can in turn influence their behaviors. And this is one of the best-kept secrets in the community.

In Revelation, Lovedrop writes about installing a set of emotions in a woman in a specific pattern. Those emotions, when installed, are likely to lead to a sexual relationship. In their most basic form the emotions are listed as Interest, Vibe, Attraction, Comfort and Seduction.

A couple of pages later, Lovedrop explains an 11-step emotional progression that women tend to find especially stimulating. This article focuses on Lovedrop’s 11-step emotional progression, and how you as a PUA can lead women through this progression. The goal: Stimulate them where they really feel it…their emotions.

Now, enter Discovery. If you’ve ever been to a bootcamp with Discovery you will learn very quickly that the man is all about action and results. His mantra: Hit, Intrigue and Attract. And this ultimately leads him to the Close. It’s a 4-step game that is simple and effective. And if you’ve ever been in the field with him, you’ll see that his actions get results. Discovery has developed some kick-ass pickup skills these skills make him a more effective PUA.

My goal, and the goal of this article, is to better understand Discovery’s 4-step game when compared to Lovedrop’s 11-step emotional progression. How can the two models – Discovery’s action-based field process and Lovedrop’s psychology-driven emotional progression – coexist in the same space? Are they the same? If not, how are they different? These are valid questions for the journeyman PUA, and my findings answer all of them.

Part 1 of this article focuses on breaking down Lovedrop’s 11-step emotional progression. A pickup artist running tight game will most likely be leading a woman through this progression without thinking about it. An AFC might stumble upon it from time-to-time without knowing what they are doing. (Remember the time you “got lucky”?) This article is good fundamental background reading for all PUA’s who have had some success in the field and understand the basic pickup process, but want to take their game to the next level. Additionally, if a PUA has a basic understanding of this emotional progression, it will be much easier to understand how Discovery’s 4-step game works so effectively.

Author’s Note: **You do not have to understand how something works in order to use it. For those PUA’s who are more action-oriented: Cut to the chase and start practicing Discovery’s 4-step game immediately! There is no substitute for field work, and you can always come back to this article if you run into roadblocks, or perhaps even save up some coin and invest in one-on-one coaching with the Discovery himself

Part 2 focuses on viewing Discovery’s 4-step game in the context of Lovedrop’s 11-step emotional progression. I will be comparing the two systems and showing you the similarities between both. You’ll see how Discovery’s game is simple and tight, and it still manages takes the woman through all 11 steps of LD’s progression, which is why it is so effective.

Part 1: Lovedrop’s 11-step Emotional Progression Explained

“Women are especially stimulated by this emotional progression” – Lovedrop, Revelation, p. 33

Author’s Note:
**From a practical standpoint, this progression is a great guide to Text Game. You can literally print this out and use it as a script to guide your texts. Not a work for word script, but an outline to guide what you should say next. Try it!

1. Curiosity: For some reason, we are always comparing women to cats. Mystery even went so far as to develop a model called “cat-string theory”. Coincidence? I don’t think so. So just remember…any time you want to *ahem* attract a pussy, you have to make it curious.

A well-delivered opener should accomplish this, as well as all the appropriate visual and behavioral cues (DHV’s) that lead up to that opener (Peacocking, Preselection, Leader of Men, Group Theory etc).

Tactics: Disinterest, Group Theory, Visual DHV’s, Peacocking, Open Loops

She should be thinking: “hmmm…this guy seems interesting”

She should be feeling: Slightly curious

2. Intrigue:
What exactly is intrigue? We all sort of feel what it means. But what does it actually mean?

Intrigue (v): To arouse curiosity or interest by unusual, unique, new or otherwise fascinating qualities.

By this definition, intrigue is really an extension of curiosity. What is it about you that makes you different from all the other guys? What qualities can you demonstrate that are unusual. What topics can you bring up that are new or otherwise fascinating? Think of intrigue as taking curiosity to a deeper level. When a cat is curious it sort of sniffs around. When a cat is intrigued, it puts its nose in it. Intrigue should be generated during the opener. This is why so many good openers that contain the so-called “chick crack” (dramatic and/or controversial subject matter, usually having to do with relationships)

Tactics: Charismatic delivery, enthusiasm, artful selection of subject matter

She should be thinking: “hmmm…very interesting…”

She should be feeling: Like she wants to know more…

3. Tension:
David DeAngelo, in his popular Cocky Comedy series, defines humor as the release of built-up tension. Tension is important, not only because it ultimately gets the group laughing, but because it can be used to build up sexual feeling. Adding tension to the group creates a kind of alpha male dynamic that lets the group know you are for real. You’re not just some clown, magician or entertainer. You’ve got an edge.

Tactics: Disqualifiers, negs, roll-offs, open loops, dominance (AMOGing, Teasing), push-pull tactics

She should be thinking: “hmmm…he’s got a little edge to him…”

She should be feeling: a little bit of uncertainty, but also a little turned on

4. Humor:
As we said before, humor can be defined as the release of built up tension. So if you’ve just built up some tension, you can now release it and generate some laughs. This is pretty easy once you get used to it. A few seconds of silence followed by a cocky-funny or absurd punchline is very effective.

Tactics: Absurdities (from a DHV perspective), embarrassment, role playing, teasing, AMOGing

She should be thinking: “this guy is funny!”

She should be feeling: laughter

5. Fun:
So now you’ve got them laughing, which by default means you’re fun. It’s time to vibe a little. Show them your carefree attitude. Smile, laugh, tell a couple of jokes, be fun. Did I mention smile? Smile! ?

Tactics: Be able to be yourself and have a good time. Smile and laugh. Do a group cold-read or maybe introduce a fun group game like “Yes and…” or “The Lying Game”

She should be thinking: “this guy is fun!”

She should be feeling: a fun, warm carefree feeling

6. Attraction:
Attraction is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. There are a ton of guys who can vibe and have a good time and be fun, but they never get laid. In order to get laid, you have to be attractive. How?

In the words of Lovedrop: “Evolutionary value switches must be activated in order to stimulate this emotion”

That means it’s time to tell your DHV story. She already thinks you’re interesting. She already thinks you’re funny. Now she needs to think you’re hot. Transition into the story by using a transition phrase like “Hey that reminds me of a time…” or “hey, get this…”


Transition phrases “That reminds me of a time…”, “Ohh, I’ve got to tell you about…”, “Hey get this…”, “You won’t believe it but…”. DHV stories: Have a default DHV story ready. Make sure it has at least 3 DHV spikes. Make sure it’s practiced and polished. Deliver it with confidence.

She should be thinking: “this guy is hot”

She should be feeling: attracted to you

7. Appreciation:
If the girl is vibing with you, you should show her a little love. Otherwise you’ll never build that feeling of comfort that is so important. Start small and calibrate it. For example after you finish your story and she says something positive, reward her. Say something like “Wow you know I wasn’t sure about you when I met you get me. You are pretty cool.” And give her a high-five. You can also go into qualification, so you have to ask her some questions and appreciate her for the answer she gives, assuming she is giving you an answer that you want to hear. Thirdly, you can point out some intangible qualities and appreciate her for them, e.g. “You know you really have a great sense of style. So many people just don’t know how to dress, but you get it. Nice job” Then give her a little kino. When she sees you appreciate her she will know you are willing to commit value. This is a powerful connection switch.

Tactics: Qualification, artful observation and appreciation of intangibles (like sense of style, classiness, willingness to take risks, etc). Fun and playful kino. (High fives, arm taps, arm over shoulder hugs)

She should be thinking: This guy appreciates me for who I really am; he gets me

She should be feeling: A growing sense of connection

8. Challenge:
My first hot girlfriend in 9th grade told me this: “Women like a challenge”. This was mostly because at the time, I didn’t have the social intelligence to calibrate to her IOI’s. The upside was that everything I did came off as an IOD and it drive her crazy…at least for a while. And she chased me…for a while. At some point you need to show some IOI’s. A lot of less experienced PUA’s make the mistake of not showing any IOI’s and they wonder why the girl all of the sudden isn’t interested. The lesson: Women do love a challenge. And you, as the prize in this interaction, should challenge her, in a fun and playful way. Show her some love and then challenge again. She will chase you. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all really want, isn’t it?

In the words of Lovedrop “Screen her, frame control her, compliance test her, bait her to chase you. Practice bait-hook-reel-release. Kino escalate”

Tactics: Qualification, frame control, compliance testing, bait-hook-reel release, kino escalation

She should be thinking: I don’t have this guy yet, but I can get him

She should be feeling: A sense of challenge

9. Connection:
Now she’s working for it, and it’s time to reward her compliance. Respond to her responses positively, demonstrating the six qualities listed below and you will flip her connection switches, and she will be drawn closer to you. The qualities you should demonstrate are as follows:

1. Understanding

2. Appreciation

3. Trust and comfort

4. Compatibility

5. Conspiracy

6. Vulnerability

Tactics: Qualification, stories (childhood regression works especially well here), showing similar interests, comfort building routines such as The Cube, IOI’s.

She should be thinking: I’m winning him over, and we have a lot in common!

She should be feeling: Warm and connected.

10. Excitement:
Too much connection with no stimulation and you will put her to sleep. Excite that girl! Revelation says little about this, which leaves it open to interpretation. Sexual excitement is the goal. It’s time to work in some heavier kino escalation routines. Find a way to kino escalate in a slightly erotic way, or at the very least, you should take on a little bit of a bad-boy demeanor and say something to make her blush. Style’s Evolution Phase Shift springs to mind here…Read: hand on back of head-hair-pulling action.

Tactics: Role playing (with the proper sexual frame), being a little bit dirty, isolating for a quick kiss while preserving plausible deniability. “Stealing” kisses and touches.

She should be thinking: I’m a little turned on

She should be feeling: A little turned on

11. Fear of Loss:
You can’t go all the way in a bar…generally speaking. You should only amp her excitement up enough to get her thinking about it. And when she’s thinking about it, that’s when you make her feel it. She has to be made to know that she absolutely wants you and she must have you. And that’s when, in my mind (and in hers), the seduction is complete.

Tactics: Roll-offs, disinterest, jealousy plotlines

She should be thinking: I want him

She should be feeling: I want him

Part 2:  Discovery’s “Turbocharged” Game

In this section of the Article, I’m going to explain how Discovery’s game, which comprises 4 steps, actually USES  Lovedrop’s 11 step emotional progression, but effectively turbocharges it, compressing it into a much shorter time span than the average game.

Discovery says that you can go directly from attraction to qualification to seduction and eliminate most of the steps in between. How might this work based on what we learned in part 1?

The key is sexual tension that is conveyed immediately through both body language, preselection, how much his girls are into him AND the conversational thread itself — which typically conveys his sexuality. Additionally Discovery displays an almost clairvoyant understanding of his targets through psychological cold reads (it helps that he is a professional profiler). As Discovery himself says, his game is designed to “Hit, Intrigue and Attract”. And of course, this leads him to the shangri-la that all PUA’s seek: Close.

Let’s a closer look at each one of the four steps.

1. Open (Hit/Intrigue):
Remember the mantra: “hit intrigue and attract”

How is he able to do this? Avatar, vibe and violation. Picture Discovery rolling into the club with spiked bleached blond hair, wearing a kilt, carrying a dagger in his sock, surrounded by an entourage of people – usually women. Women flock to this energy. And Discovery, in turn, uses it to create a spectacle. Something out of the ordinary. And when he talks to girls, he VIOLATES. He will say things that no women has ever heard before.

One of his most famous openers: “One finger or two.” [Pause] It’s calibrated of course, the delivery perfect. And anyone less than Discovery probably couldn’t get away with it. Discovery then masterfully breaks the tension with a smile-calibrated punchline. “I mean…we’re among friends here, right?” ? Everyone laughs. Back to the tension “but seriously…assuming you were appropriately lubed up….” Then he breaks the tension again, rolls off, makes a couple of more comments, smiles, touches, and lets everyone know he is a cool guy just out to have a good time. Total time: About 30 seconds. As he’s doing this, he’s being observed. And the cycle repeats itself.

2. DHV (Intrigue / Attract):
In each set it is Discovery who decides whether he will stay or whether he will leave. There is value in opening, getting a reaction and rolling off, moving on to the next set. People see this and your social value goes up in their eyes.

But…lets assume Discovery has chosen a target. After he opens, he immediately moves into his DHV story. Discovery generates massive attraction with his DHV stories because they are so well crafted and so well delivered. And, because he’s rolling in the entourage, and leading the entourage, he’s already demonstrating preselection and leader of men. In other words, his actions back up his words, giving the DHV spikes in his story even more credibility. Total time: About 1 minute.

3. Qualify (Attract):
As soon as he finishes his DHV story, he transitions. And all of the sudden, Discovery is qualifying her into his sexual frame. Priming her for the kiss. He’s simultaneously appreciating her, challenging her and connecting with her, all at the same time. And let’s not forget the nonverbal cues. Discovery is a master of expression and he’ll be the first one to tell you that 55% of communication is non-verbal. Because he knows what he’s going for and he’s got the delivery (including body language) down cold, he’s extremely effective.

4. Close:
Here is where Discovery generates excitement. It isn’t always the kiss. Sometimes it’s a feint towards a kiss. Then he’ll roll off at the last second before the target has a chance to roll off herself. Then he’ll go back in and build more sexual tension which generates excitement. He goes in, he rolls off, then back in, then roll off. It all happens in the space of a few seconds. Rolling off generates fear of loss on a subconscious level, pumping her buying temperature and attraction, which in turn allows Discovery to go back in and close the deal. Brilliant.

Theory is useless without tactics. Tactics are nothing when not backed by theory. The knowledge and execution of both that drives success. Together they form an almost irresistible force, and when coupled with the other aspects of tight game (peacocking, rolling correctly, DHV behaviors, etc) help make Discovery one of the top Pickup artists in the world. If a PUA can learn Lovedrop’s theory and combine it with Discovery’s tactics, he will most definitely increase his skill set, and reap the benefits of being able to attract and seduce beautiful women more consistently, confidently and quickly then ever before.

Micky Angel

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  1. That was a great write up! I gave up learning Game years ago (too much confusion), but this makes me want to get out again and become active again.

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