The Last Hour

It's the last hour before you head out. It is familiar for all of us whether we were aware or not. It is basically the last few preperations before heading out to that target rich venue in to what is expected to be a great night. This does not include the usual such as showering, shaving, picking out outfits, etc. This is what you do in the last hour before you role. Before we do head out, we have to prepare ourselves on all levels so that we can present our best selves. So what areas must we work on in order to accomplish this, well here are the most important ones:

Get into a talkative state: This is extremely important because if you are not in a talkative state by the time you arrive at the venue, you are simply wasting precious time that you could have put to more beneficial use. There are 2 ways that I recommend that guys approach this objective.

If you with your buddies run your material on them: Practicing your routines and gambits on the guys that you’re going out with is a great way to get into a talkative state. It actually serves as a multi-purpose drill because not only will you get into a talkative state but you will also get feedback on your delivery and tonality. If you’re by yourself, call a friend, parents, uncle, etc and talk to them about their day: This is also a great way to get into a talkative state if you are sarging by yourself. By calling someone you get to talk to someone you are comfortable with and as a result you will get into a talkative state.

Run through your cheat sheet and stack cards: This is extremely important so that the information you have is fresh in your head. Nothing spoils a set more than when you are in it and run out of things to say. As result, you are left lingering there and it lowers your value. Ideally, you should go through your cheat sheet and stack cards twice. Why not even three times. The more you familiarize yourself with your material the better it will sound. Just avoid sounding robotic in your delivery; this could also ruin a set.

Have your default opener memorized: We have all been there, we see a set and then……NOTHING! We didn’t follow the 3-second rule and walk up to the set because we had nothing to say. It’s a feeling every guy feels. Some of us turn our bodies away from the set (DLV), some walk past it or hover (DLV), and some blank out and can not think of anything to say. By having a default opener you can assure that this will not happen to you. Also it becomes useful when situations present themselves to you and you need a quick opener to get things rolling. Run your opener smoothly and persistently and you will become a master at it.

Smile for 3 mins straight: When you smile you feel better. This is due to the endorphins that your body releases when you are smiling. By keeping a smile (even a fake smile), your body will flush itself with endorphins and get you in a great mood. It is important to get into that happy and carefree state of mind before walking into the venue. By smiling in your power hour, you will walk into the venue with the biggest smile.

Breathing exercises: Nothing relaxes the body more than simple breathing exercises. Most people underestimate the power of breathing exercises due to the action being so mundane and familiar. Practice breathing in fully from the nose, then hold your breath to the mental count of 4, and finally release your breathe slowly through your mouth. Repeat 4 more times or until you feel relaxed.

20 push ups: Push ups are a great way to release that extra bit of tension before stepping out of the house. It will exert the negative energy away from your body and simultaneously pump testosterone and endorphins through your body. If push ups are too difficult, try doing 20 jumping jacks, or jog in place. The idea is to get into a great state of mind while inhibiting all the bad emotions and tension that may linger sub consciously. Once you’ve completed the objectives above, you should be feeling great. You should be prepared, relaxed, happy, and determined to make the night the best night possible. Remember stay agenda free and out come independent and you will excel your interactions. Keep in mind to always learn from every interaction and keep barreling through. Mastery happens with patience, experience and persistency, but it does happen.


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