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You Either Live or Die by the ‘3 Second Rule’

You must obey the '3-Second Rule' Every Pickup Artist / PUA / aspiring Social Artist, must obey this rule, that is if you want to improve your chances in Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women in the dating scene. We believe in it so much we named the company after it ;-) Quick note: If you think the 3-second…
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Having a GREAT Wing Woman

Having a wing woman, correction having a great wing woman can elevate your social arts skills higher than you ever imagined. The reasons (rather primitive) can assist in helping you meet new groups, get instant social proof, and also make your night way more “rock-star”. But what qualities do great wing women have? While each…
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The Last Hour

It's the last hour before you head out. It is familiar for all of us whether we were aware or not. It is basically the last few preperations before heading out to that target rich venue in to what is expected to be a great night. This does not include the usual such as showering,…
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The Rebirth of AMOGing

The concept of being able to acquire a skill set in order to handle the Alpha Male in the group. The idea for most to be able to blow out the guys that generally succeeded in getting the girls prior to our knowledge of pick up can make any person excited. The reason why AMOGing…
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