You Either Live or Die by the ‘3 Second Rule’

You must obey the '3-Second Rule'

Every Pickup Artist / PUA / aspiring Social Artist, must obey this rule, that is if you want to improve your chances in Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women in the dating scene. We believe in it so much we named the company after it 😉

Quick note: If you think the 3-second rule has anything to do with eating a potato chip off the floor in lightening fast speeds to avoid germs, you must read on.

The '3-second rule' is easy to understand: don’t look at a girl for more than three seconds before you approach her. In fact, you should be walking her way and saying something in 3 seconds or less. Easy to understand, yes, but probably more difficult to put into practice. Even more difficult are your chances of having any receptive interaction if she sees or feels your presence hovering around. Think about it…What’s a girl going to call you if you are staring at her from across the room for five minutes at a time? Creeper? Weirdo? Or, she’ll think you just lack the balls to make the approach. These are all feelings she is attaching to you before you even say a word.

What happens when you Don't follow the 3 Second Rule?

Also, what happens to YOU when you gaze/observe/stare upon her beauty for more that the key 3 Seconds? You start to question yourself. You fill with anxiety. Suffer from analysis paralysis and start thinking of a million reasons NOT to engage (open) the girl/group (set). Either way, it’s game over! You’ll either kick yourself for getting shut down or kick yourself even harder for not saying anything. It’s been said that you can walk into just about any room or building if you simply look like you belong.

So when you see a girl you are interested in....

approach her set within the the 3 Seconds and open them before your anxiety kicks in. Be confident and come off as if opening is no big deal to you. Know that you are evolutionary designed to fear the approach and that you must learn to deal with it and not allow it to disable your open.

What should you say when you open?

The one you practiced ahead of time. Perfected ahead of time. You shouldn’t be thinking about which opener to use when you see the set, you should have a “default opener”. A “default opener” is a tried and tested opener you know will get a response/reaction due to the nature of its content AND how you deliver it. It is not the new one you heard or are trying to test out.

Remember, when you are in a public venue, nobody knows who you know and don’t know. So if you just walk right up to a set within a second or two, engage in some conversation, it certainly looks like you know the group (and makes you look less like a the observer and more of the observed). The positive perception you’re building will fill the room and make those inside the venue more welcome to the opens and merges you will be doing for the rest the night. To not obey the 3-second rule is to categorize yourself in a box of those who want but don’t go after things, which you can not allow to happen.

Understand, practice and employ the 3-second rule, and your approach and opening will seem spontaneous. And you’ll crush the dating scene, venues, parties as a successful Pick-up Artist/Social Artist in no time.

- Colgate.

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