Having a GREAT Wing Woman

Having a wing woman, correction having a great wing woman can elevate your social arts skills higher than you ever imagined. The reasons (rather primitive) can assist in helping you meet new groups, get instant social proof, and also make your night way more “rock-star”.

But what qualities do great wing women have?

While each person will have their carefully thought out characteristics that fit each goal or objective, we like to think of the universal qualities we look for here at 3 Second Rule, but that is another article.

Here are the basic rules for you and your wing woman.

Ladies are still first. Your wing woman should be someone who values your friendship deeply. She has to be by your side and be trust worthy. You should value her as well and both of you should be assisting and making each other look even better.

Don’t Smother Her. You don’t have to be “the nice guy” with her, remember you two are not on a date. You should be very casual if not down right comfortable with her at all times.

Agree on Location. Make sure you both are going to venues that cater to your preference. For example if you are into business women and your wing woman like hipster guys the venues which those people usually gather are different. Keep this in mind.

Build Rapport, with Each Other. You two should look like you are having a great time however be clear in your body language to not convey that you might be potentially together. The best way is to stay friendly in all gesture, facial expressions and tonalities.

Never leave your WW for a new girl. If push comes to shove and it sometimes happens, don’t forget who was most loyal to you.

Both of you take for the team. There is no take and not give here. If the situation presents itself that you have to maybe occupy her target you have to. Most likely it’s another girl but it also applies to other guys as well.

By implementing these rules, you can be sure that both YOU AND your wing woman will be on the same page as you two get ready to master the social arts. Remember communication is key and making sure you both help each other is what will make a team successful or not. Pick your women carefully, pick your wing women with the upmost precision, it makes all the difference.



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