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Review: Routines and Gambits Seminar, Las Vegas, NOV 2011

by Big Pun. "Being fairly new to the community by only watching the VH1 TV show P.U.A., and reading a few articles, I was skeptical about attending this boot camp or any at all. What a life changing experience. The material I learned and the stuff I witness infield made me a believer for life.…
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Body Language In A Bar

Body language is a really important aspect of social dynamics. You can have a lot of fun with your sets just by observing other people’s body language inside the venue and talking about what you’re seeing. It’s especially fun if there is a guy and a girl and the guy is in the process of…
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REVIEW: Atlanta Bootcamp 2010

ATLANTA Bootcamp June 2010 Discovery / Moody by Nightwolf Ok So prior to this bootcamp I had read all of the Venusian Arts Books as well as other pick-up material because I wanted to learn as much as possible. I was going out 2-3 nights a week in order to practice and still something was…
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London Bootcamp with Mystery and Discovery, May 10, Review

A Review of a Bootcamp Mystery and Discovery delivered at Venusian Arts The boot camp in London was a mind blowing and probably life changing experience for me. Nothing less. Being 33 years old, I’ve been dating women for almost 20 years. But I’ve never meet people as Mystery, Discovery and the coaches, who could…
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REVIEW: I met Mystery (Miami Bootcamp 2010)

I finally met Mystery: My rant and review of the Miami 2010 Boot Camp by Stoic I met Mystery. The Miami 2010 Boot Camp is now over several weeks, and it was the second  Boot Camp I attended. I also took the Coaching Program in Las Vegas. Discovery taught my first Boot Camp by himself.…
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REVIEW: Sydney Bootcamp with Mystery and Discovery

A Bootcamp Down Under Sydney Australia 2009 with Mystery and Discovery by Catalyst Wow.  Ok now you want the details right? Good. Well I just had an experience like no other. I went to Bootcamp. The first instructor I laid eyes on was Discovery. Great avatar and even better presence I almost felt a little intimidated…
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Field Report: Flight from EMA to Glasgow – 3-4mins Closed!

FR: - Flight from EMA to Glasgow - 3-4mins Closed! We wanted to share one of Discovery's very first Field Reports (2008) and the science and effort that went into this Game to get good.... ------------------------------------------------------ Ok hang with me here guys as am not the best FR writer (I tend to type out loud…
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