REVIEW: Sydney Bootcamp with Mystery and Discovery

A Bootcamp Down Under Sydney Australia 2009
with Mystery and Discovery

by Catalyst

Ok now you want the details right? Good.

Well I just had an experience like no other. I went to Bootcamp.

The first instructor I laid eyes on was Discovery. Great avatar and even better presence I almost felt a little intimidated at first but I was to find there was no need to be. Awesome dude Knows his theory and his class room skills were professional and comprehensive.

Infield that evening he was the man of the night. He has insane crazy outrageous A2 pieces that is hard to put into words and the women were throwing themselves at this guy. Your one of a kind bro awesome meeting you. This guy is going to be a super star. Keep an eye out for him at a club near you.

I am not going to give the actual specifics of the seminar and infield because they cover the basics and plenty more. If I can put it this way these guys aren't charging enough. After attending I would say that the value of these things is twice as high as what you pay.

Meeting some really cool people there has changed my life in ways that words cannot describe.

Which leads me to the best day in my life.

After the BC had finished we were all pretty excited about having an awesome time and wanted to meet up with the guys who stuck around for the days after.

I got a call from one of the guys that is going to be an awesome friend in my future saying that they wanted to meet up so I said to meet in a food court in Chinatown to eat.

I sat down so I could see them coming and it was my great suprise that they had a 6' 8+" magician with them. They found me and we all sat down to eat. Finished our food and looked at clothes for a little bit then headed over to darling harbour. Did our thing for a little bit and some of us left to go home and the rest of us went back to the city on the monorail. Where fate led us to it just being Mystery and me.

It was a bit of a what do we do now moment so I suggested a magic store that was close by. Good choice I thought. We looked around for a little bit then a girl and her boyfriend asked him a if it was the real Mystery and contact began. He was happy to chat to these guys for a while and a guy that works there asked if he was one of the game guys to which he replied ...

"I was in the game. Chapter one meet Mystery....".

Guys in there were staggered but we completed the transaction. He got more stuff for his magic and we kept moving. He had quite a few people come up and ask if it was really him. Always gracious he was happy to do his little PR thing and it really made those guys day.

We decided to go chill out back at my place for a bit and I spent the next four hours alone with the guy himself to learn from and really connect with as sentient beings. If anyone had said this was going to happen to me I wouldn't have believed them. I could really see how everyone loves this guy. We had a little conversation about hot game, Megan Fox, marriage and he stole a sound bite off me but I didn't care I had gotten about 60 from him.

Got a call from one of the other bootcamp students and we decided that we would be taking Mystery to a strip club on a monday night!!!

Mystery and I walked back to the hotel which took about 2hours or at least it seemed to take that long. But I was able to ask him about specific sets and situations i have had and what to do in the future aswell as having good times with someone who I now consider a great friend. I got so much out of that little time I would have been happy to pay 10 times the amount I did to have that experience and he was doing it all from the goodness of his own heart.

We arrive back at the hotel and round up the crew. There is about 8 individually different and unique personalities in a great big cock farm rolling up to the club and the security dudes gave us very strange looks.

We go in and have the time of our lives Mystery runs some tight game and it was amazing to get infield stripper game demo. They were so down it was not funny. Can any other company offer that to you in their infield packages? I think not.

Anyway we decide to leave and get some food as the club would be shutting in about an hour and we didn't want to be the last ones there. Decided to go back to hotel for a bit and then went on a mission to the casino to look for hired guns at 3am. Not much was going on so we went back to the hotel and hung out untill Mystery said good night to us all and we parted ways.

That was my bootcamp experience and if someone offered me a million dollars to trade places with me I wouldn't. Go to a bootcamp. Or even better do a one on one with these guys it is worth every penny. Start saving today do whatever you need to just get your ass to bootcamp. It has already changed my life and i am sure it will be the same for you.


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