Field Report: Sydney, Australia Bootcamp with Discovery

by TribalLeader.

"First of all sorry for the delayed Review of this bootcamp, I've never been great at homework

We all came together about midday where we settled down for a large portion of theory. There was a large amount of outer and inner game in the theory, which I found greatly beneficial seeing as before I walked through the doors I wasn't 100% confident in what I was looking for, let alone how to obtain it !!

It was in this theory I learnt the power of process goals over outcome goals. A lesson I truly value to this day. Discovery talked to us about getting a plan in place to fast track through all the bullshit that you can get sucked into. We got into groups and practiced our delivery, learnt some of the material and got some tips on fashion. We ended our session, had about an hour to get ready and rocked up at our first night-club.

As there was 15 of us Discovery invited one of his Australian wings (Michael) out to help him split the group up. We would initially go to different clubs and then meet up at the end of the night.

I was with Dundee's (Michael) group, We walked into our first nightclub and instantly started approaching !! I learnt how valuable the 3 second rule can be. You see the first girl in the club and without thinking about anything just approach. Even to this day I found it helps build momentum and in contrast to that, If you see that girl and find some shitty excuse not to approach, your building momentum in the opposite direction, a direction that builds Approach Anxiety. The place wasn't enriched with beautiful women, but gave us a chance to practice some of the material we had learned.

It was in this first place I learnt the power of calibration. I approached 3 hot Dutch girls, whose English wasn't great. It wasn't Ideal as I had to move chairs to get the them, but I could see that no-one was approaching them. I approached with an opinion opener, sat down with them and started chatting away. They all seemed happy for me to be with them. I then ran a routine which has worked for me in the past, one that Involves me throwing a little neg at the end of it, to my target. The routine basically involves me asking the girls "What is their special power" ?? Which almost always leads them to asking "what is yours" ??
My special power is that they can point to anyone in the room, and I have the ability to tell them If that girl/boy that they point to is a good kisser or not. I ask them to choose a girl cause doing guys creeps me out (they laugh)

So they point to a string of people and I run my answers,
HB:"that person"
Me: "oh, that person is a 3, small mouth and to much tounge" (blah blah)

Anyway what always happens is the girls say "do me" "do me". So for the 2 girls that were not my target I give glowing reviews, but for my target I look at with a sympathetic look and say, well, you'd get an "A" for effort. Well she didn't really get it at first, but when her friends explained to her that I had just said she was a bad kisser. She started to speak VERY aggressively in her own language, looking at me with the biggest death stare and really working herself into a upset state. I joked around a little bit, trying to salvage the situation (didnt work) I apologised to her (didn't work).....It was official, I WAS OUT !!!!!!.....I learned to calibrate negs when the girls english isn't as great, It is really easy for them to be misinterpreted.

We bounced to another 2 clubs opening various sets, learning lots and having a great time in doing so.

The next day we reviewed how the previous night went. Things we did well and things we didn't do well. It was here that Discovery really simplified how to analyse a set that you couldn't understand why it went bad. He said "Ask yourself 2 questions"
1. Did you demonstrate value
2. Did you qualify
These 2 questions can simplify all the little annoying questions that run through your head when a set does not go to plan. You could seriously write a pickup book with these 2 questions as the only words written on the pages !!!
We talked about things like Daygame, some of Discoveries previous sets he had done in the past, and a few other bits and pieces. We all head back home to get ready and meet at the club at a certain time.

I was really excited to be heading out with Discovery, to see what he could do and to get some feedback on what I could do. He rocks up at the club in one of the most pimping jackets I have ever seen. One I have bought since and have gotten glowing feedback from every female with 2 legs (some without). It was a blue sequin jacket which screamed "Alpha" The first place we went to was a quite pub which was a nice place to start the night, but one that didn't have alot of potential. I opened a few sets remembering certain things I had been taught, eye contact, leaning back, smile, smile, smile, smile, oh wait there was one more thing...............SMILE hahaha. I opened a set in front of Discovery and he passed messages through a phone which another one of the students came upto me saying "Sarah msged this to you". Which I found very helpful.

After we had opened most of the sets in that joint we headed to a more upper class club. It was here that Discovery showed me how the lessons we had been learning not only apply to pickup, but life as a whole. We rock up at a place called "The Ivy" at around 1am. This place is hard to get into around this time, We rock up and just stroll through the front door after Discovery said a few words to the bouncer, we rolled in with 6 guys 0 girls. I have never seen that happen, EVER. Not only that, we walk straight into the VIP entrance (Ivy pool bar) I Said to Discovery, "how did you get us in here"........he had no idea that this was the VIP part of the club. He said that he always comes to this part and thought this was just the normal part of the night club.

Since the other half of the guys were in the normal part of the club. We all made our way there and started opening sets. Discovery opened a 3 set and within 10 minutes was having a 3 way make-out with them. (I still don't know how he did that) But wow !!! It was amazing to watch. Not only that but there were at least 4 girls constantly hovering around him, giving him proximity invitations. He is truly a master when it comes to preselection and social proofing a club. I mean the way he was dressed with all the girls around him, they all having fun, just screamed high value to the club.

I'll wrap this FR up, we met up the next day and just reviewed everything that had been done. Also confirming and reviewing our plans and goals we had made.

To me this was an eye opening few days and Discovery was truly an amazing, unique individual who has clearly paid his dues in regards to hours of practice. I would recommend anyone who wants to train with any other instructor out there from another company, to cancel as quick as you can and differ to Discovery, I had a great time and hope to see some of the  team out here on the sunny shores of Sydney again.

Peace and happy sarging guys !!!!!!!!!!!!"

by Tribal Leader

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