London Bootcamp with Mystery and Discovery, May 10, Review

A Review of a Bootcamp Mystery and Discovery delivered at Venusian Arts

The boot camp in London was a mind blowing and probably life changing experience for me. Nothing less. Being 33 years old, I’ve been dating women for almost 20 years. But I’ve never meet people as Mystery, Discovery and the coaches, who could walk the talk and get beautiful women interested in them on a consistent basis. They’re using methods and a way of being, that may appear illogical at first, but is the way nature selects who get’s to replicate with the most attractive women in order of survival of the species. And in top of it, they are able to teach that knowledge to others, both in theory and infield in the night clubs of London. I had the privilige of being coached by Topcat on two nights out and it was really inspirering.


As a 29 year old who has been in one long relationship and generally have really good success with women, I participated in the entire program at the London boot camp and completely agree with Milton. It was a mind-blowing, intense experience and definitely worth the investment. I can see concrete evidence it has lifted my game to a new level and I am much better equipped to continue the journey.

The combination of theory during the day and live in-field training during the night is extremely effective. There's a really low ratio of coaches to students in field (generally one coach per two students), which assures really good feedback from the coach during and after the in-field training. You can also expect the opportunity to ask anyone you want (Mystery, Discovery or any one of the really skilled coaches) any and all questions you have related to pickup during the weekend.

As for the boot camp overall, don't expect anything to be on time - 5 minute breaks often turned into 30 min breaks and so on. But you will definitely get your money's worth - just don't have anything scheduled around the boot camp and in-field training during the weekend.


I would like to thank you for the great opportunity to be able to take part in a 4 day life changing boot camp!

I am 30y old, had gf for long, short, one-night stand, go-gos, actress, models, etc. Still there is a LOT to improve and learn!!!
Life is a process to drive to perfection, and if u want to see perfection for pick-up u definitely have to see the pros life in field.

After reading some books and watching DVDs, i thought the boot camp cant really give me much new - but thats wrong. Its very interesting, interactive and fun. Its important to see the right delivery, to point out where mistakes happens and where and how to focus on the important points!
Every day we prepared for a night out. Together with Mystery, Discovery and 5 coaches!

Mystery is amazing and every PUA once shall experience him life! Cos its all about the right delivery and he is the one who practice it to perfection.

Discovery is a real MPUA. With very different characters, which he illustrated us at the in-field trainings. Since, I am not a magician, and cant pretend to be one, I needed to see some "normal" life examples and Discovery is really amazing. Huge dominant guy but so playful and relaxed and guys and girls are just pulled towards him.

Highly recommend the Bootcamp, the guys are in every aspect professionals and go and extra mile just to make PUA out of everybody. (e.g. Monday we prolonged the seminar till 1AM!!!!! cos we were so amazed and curious about all the stories and gambits!)

Thx for the team and now its my turn to show them "I CAN DO IT!"


This bootcamp is a standout

I ve done 2 other bootcamps and what make these guys stand out is the quality of the material they deliver, especially on body language - delivery, and the quality of... THE COACHES!

The coaching experience here, is just matrix like, a coach will enter into your set ,shout "neg the target" in front of everyone and at the same time no one seems to notice him. It's just amazing how he will always find a way to show you the next move, not the mention an amazing demo to make his point when he thinks it s required.
Usually coaches leave you do your thing, and give you a feedback after, here they totally interact with you while you re in the set, and I have to say that it s an amazing learning experience. My coach fucking rocks!

On top of that Mystery is just the coolest, most interesting guy I ve ever met. You just cant get enough of listening to him. He fixed my body language, gave everyone some amazing tips, and...he REALLY cares about his students. It is totally true that he is a great teacher.

Discovery has an amazing game, his classroom and infield demos are really impressive. This guy must be one of the top PUA in the world, and he's a great teacher as well.

My only regret is that I had to leave Monday 7 hours before the end of the session...


Hey guys

I have been in the game for 3 months now and went on this course to meet Mystery and see if I could improve further. Mystery defiantly lives up to the hype training with him is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Like a chance to learn under a man like Casanova. The last 3 months of my life have been the best so far and kind of surreal as a result of this stuff.

Snipits of his advice were my talking to him on my peacocking he seemed to approve (I was wearing a union jack tie)
Advice on how to use the wall when gaming. (how to position yourself to signal disinterest)
His story on how when he was 17 he won two tickets to a magic show but couldn’t find anyone to go with him but his mum almost brought me to tears as it reverberated so many aspects of my own life.
Discussing a successful approach with mystery – in the club I was dancing with 5 girls then used mysterys “tweedledum meet tweedle dee” a girl came up to me and said “I’m looking for a man”…never had that before. Mystery gave me a response that was just about 30 levels above my current way of thinking.

At the end of it all I thanked Mystery for the advice “thanks for the inspiration” and had a chat with the rest of the coaches. Moonlight said he thought I could do it after seeing me handling an AMOG from a 5 set and walking away from a HB10 two set seeing them be disappointed with my leaving (I had nothing more to say so left on a high) Discovery came in on my HB10 set and completely took it over but interesting to see how the finished product of the game handles the interaction. Leaving the boot camp was quite sad and I miss the fun of it all.

I had a horrific time at school being put down by bullies, my teachers and indifferent parents. I was extremely self conscious and socially anxious up until about 3 years ago. I got into the game more after meeting a girl I considered to be a 10 and I couldn’t close after going AFC on her. I was already using what I had learnt from David Deangelo AIC to get that far. But I had to meet Mystery after seeing him on DD’s body language series. The guy has effectively changed my life if only I discovered this stuff when I was 16.

I would defiantly like the chance to give back to the community as much as they have given me. I have applied for the VA coaching program. I have impregnable confidence as a result of and I don’t think I would be in my current job if it weren’t for this stuff.

The only bad thing I have to say is the price. But of course they will say they want commitment and there is no one more committed to this stuff then me if you are in London gimme a call and we will sarge the night away, maybe more

Mystery has turned 1000’s of men into very competent men and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to train under him if you get the chance.

Thanks again guys and I hope to see you around


London 2010 was my first bootcamp, I didn't sign up for the in-field and can only comment on the seminar part. I will spice up the review with both the good parts, the parts of the bootcamp that could be improved, and my personal experience.

Pre-seminar was pretty weak. I got called by Discovery, and while I had already decided that I wanted to go he almost managed to scare me out of it. This seems to be a common problems for mPUAs trying to do sales, most emails from stylelife are so badly manipulative than they get rejected by my spam filter. With 25% of the population engaged in "sales-game", not even the best pickup artists in the world will by very slick in comparison. I decided to go anyway. I know from the outside the game might seems sleazy, but the core community have always been honest, and I trust Mystery and those he choose to hang with. Before the seminar I had the mental image of discovery being a young unexperienced intern just hired to call students - I am almost afraid of writing this now, because I know the joke is on me.

British Airways was striking friday. So when flying from Copenhagen I had to take an extra early flight and endure the horrors of business class. Due to the strike, there was no vegatarian option on flight. Thank god for being a normal guy just flying to a seminar on picking up women and not one of those freaks who doesnt eat meat.

The hotel where the seminar was at was hard to find, and apparently I was supposed to have been emailed some materiels to read up on. Most of the speech on friday was by Mystery himself. Needless to say, he is an excelent speaker. The material was all wellknown parts of Mystery Method, but I guess you need to start somewhere. I didn't learn much personally on friday, but I was reminded of how much of a geek Mystery is, and was really inspired by the way he made subjects of computer, math, and quantum physics sound so interresting. It really isn't what you talk about, but that you should passion for it!

Saturday changed everything. I talked shortly with Discovery during breakfast, and he played a typically alpha male holding court and bantering the students, but the thing that I remember was that all his banter, while making us unsecure and projecting him as the alpha male, it was always things that we could improve about ourselves, posture, speech, etc. It seems any time spend with or near Discovery is time spend improving your game. He is an impressive coach.

The seminar saturday was also a lot better than friday. I think Mystery again ignored all timeslots, and I was starting to realise why we never got a strict formal program. We didn't even cover half of what was on the informal program. Still not a minute was lost or a word too much. They might have planned for a wider range of subjects, but what we got was all gold. The speeches by Discovery was more tight and more technical. He didn't have the passion of Mystery, but his speeches covered more ground.

Sunday got even better. We finally got more contact with the rest of the coaches who had only been present for some parts of saturday. With coaches at every table, excelent invited speakers, and great talks by both Mystery and Discovery again, Sunday was what we were there for. The best..

Sunday night I had to get home and took an early taxi to the airport, some of the coaches was arguing outside, apparently someone at the seminar had run into the london police. When I walked out of the hotel Discovery said: "I guess, you got a bit of drama as well". I smiled and replied: "If there wasn't any drama, we would probably be doing it wrong." At the airport a very hot young girl was sitting and waiting for check-in, we both had two hours to waste. I was too tired to try a real pick-up but decided to practice anyway. She was a half columbian, half french girl who had worked as shooter girl while studying and was going home to her home in Cannes. She couldn't understand how I could be so good at talking to a "random" girl I just met (and probably not understand why I didn't try to get her number either). Well, how could she know? I didn't dare tell her I just spend three days learning this stuff from the best.

I can only strongly recommend going to any of the bootcamps, and hope the next bootcamp starts as this one ended.

Take care out there!

The Carewolf

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