Review: Routines and Gambits Seminar, Las Vegas, NOV 2011

by Big Pun.

"Being fairly new to the community by only watching the VH1 TV show P.U.A., and reading a few articles, I was skeptical about attending this boot camp or any at all. What a life changing experience. The material I learned and the stuff I witness infield made me a believer for life. Now I am jammed with so much information for starting my journey to becoming a great PUA. I was giving so much feed back from everyone which helped me improve my approaches 100% while I was there.

Discovery has a way of teaching his material making you feel inspired and enjoyable. The feedback I received from Discovery during infield approaches was invaluable. Shout out to all the other guys (Prophet, Rascal, and Braveheart) who were friendly and easily to get along.
Only cons I have was just the feeling of being tired, then again it was Las Vegas and who the hell is goanna sleep while in Vegas lol.
Now I cant wait to attend my next seminar and who knows, the Cali to Vegas road trip is looking pretty good right now :-)"

by Big Pun.

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