Field Report: Flight from EMA to Glasgow – 3-4mins Closed!

FR: - Flight from EMA to Glasgow - 3-4mins Closed!

We wanted to share one of Discovery's very first Field Reports (2008)
and the science and effort that went into this Game to get good....


Ok hang with me here guys as am not the best FR writer (I tend to type out loud so lengthy).

Firstly what am gonna attempt to do is give a very brief overview and then break down what was going on in my head and what was going on on the periphery and at a microcalibration level.

Where: Flight today from EMA to Glasgow
Who: hot dressed corporate type
Time: 0800hrs

Target – 7.5-8 HB on plane, 3 aisles away, could not get to speak to her on plane, observed her (Extraverted Thinking type)

Plane landed, got up early off seat, could not access
she was circa 20m in front. Caught up, Opened with Observational Question
Demonstrated Authority in her world
Ran C-shaped smiles
she gets coffee in same place as me on way out
She goes to leave and thanks me for compliment - I bust on not being a compliment
Happy for her to walk off as 9/10 chance of her getting a taxi – I use other door.
2 people in between us in Taxi Q. Project voice – Give her advice on her interview
Tell her 5 things about her personality - she was shocked
she comes back in the taxi Q to join me
I then tell her 3 negative things about her personality - she laughs
asks if i want join her to city centre - not going same way
we exchange numbers quickly
"ah ah" point to cheek, she kisses, we hug she leaves
she texts me - I ignore until hour later.
we arrange a day 2.


Ok so let's brake this down..... ps... help me out here for future FRs what do you need and want to know, what is irrelevant, what do you pick out of the interaction that I have not deemed as relevant that you recognise as so, what have I misinterpreted etc - all Feedback is good feedback - seriously guys, of course compliments and alpha points all good for the waming of the soul - BUT I really am on a fast learning curve here and anything you can add would be greatly appreciated....... thanks in advance!

Full Field Report

Target – 7.5-8 HB on plane was very sexy in her tight black skirt, white shirt and black waist coat with knee high beige boots (which I clocked to later bust her on for not going with black)
She is 3 aisles away and by far the best looking thing on the plane. 5 months earlier, I would just have observed, but now is different - I remind myself, I am a Pick Up Artist! every time she moves guys check her out. To boost my confidence I run an NLP anchoring routine of recent successes and recall the Mile High Club full F close when flying back from LA with Caddy... a smile crosses my face - she becomes my MARK (TARGET).

I could not get to speak to her on plane so observed her, it's strange, because as soon as I make a conscious decision to do so I get a rush in my brain that simultaneously makes my stomach tighten, like a programme on standby in my brain it kicks in, it processes fast and I see so much ... everything like, her body language first – quick movements, impatience, fidigety, fast, like she is wanting to fill void of doing nothing, looking around, irritated not getting any attention while two business colleagues (guy and girl) got talking next to her (ring status clean and green – thanks Caddy - I have fucked up on this too many times before and although I can psychologically destroy her frame of connection am feeling guilty about this and going to avoid in future). She gets up to get things from her bag [twice] (indicator of fast right thinking brain - visualises, externalises, but does not process, so likely to forget little details - ahh an intuitive type) She was looking at a CV (hers or other? – potential observational opener for later). I get her now and ......the kind of type I like 🙂 [challenging, but once they make up their mind I will be able to have her in bed within hours] (Extraverted Intuitive, with dominant thinking preference - [1st Fiery Red and 2nd Sunshine Yellow type] Got it I will now know more about her than she does!

Plan - she will respond to external influences first before internal feelings based on her 'type' - I need to warm up the enviroment to boost 'social proof'- Air hostesses serving - Am not hungry, but need to interact with them, ask for few things, but make strange requests and change my mind often, she rolls her eyes to her friend - perfect a response (negative one, but a response I can play with) I bust her on it playfully, go to hand my money over, but pause deliberating who I should give it to and outwardly explain the difference betweent the two of them, one the playful and the other bossy type - they agree and laugh, Target glances over shoulder (job done).

10 mins later plane lands, I get up early to try to get close but 4 guys in between us. I open 2 suits from Rolls Royce who were talking loud dominating the area (I need to dominate) about being late for a Boeing meeting - make a cocky funny comment they open up, we banter (she glances back again) - Social value on the increase (fun, outgoing, playful, leader of men attractions switches being turned on)

Everyone starts filtering off the plane, shit everyone is letting off everyone else first so more people in between us. Am going to have to catch up and open a 'moving target'. Any interaction with her is going to have to be adapted for communicating with a Fiery Red “Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone!”, show confidence, be assertive, take no shit, but be fun - mmmm easier said than done!

Closed gap, had quick few cocky comments with guys as walked by. My Frame is gowing stronger. Continued on same projectory as her, walked slightly passed her (on my right) deliberately looked out of window on left for circa 15 seconds to not show interest. Glance over right shoulder to look out of other window, pretend to 'just notice her'.
Open with – So interviewing or being interviewed? (she had been glancing at CVs on plane)
she "oh... interviewing" she looks slighty bemused.
I glance off and keep pace up ahead (can not slow down and show interest) - none verbal time constraint (FTC)
She: re-opens me (IOI #1 Indicator of interest - required to progress to next phase by letting me know there is female to male interest)) with "Interviewing is much easier than being interviewed anyway"
Me: – "don't agree" (not going to jump into her loop and the Fiery Red needs a challenge that makes sense to her logic)
Me: "not really, if you are listening to what is on the surface then maybe, but if you (NLP) could just find yourself (RJ Weasel phrase) looking beyond the surface (command) you are likely to discover so much more that you like (emphasise)and are even drawn to."
She: "Yeah know what you mean (flick of hair) IOI #2", (even though her concious mind could not have fully understood that sentence)
Me: mini DHV routine about me interviewing some sales staff and how I will ensure they all feel great and learn something about themselves while being interviewed and how that fills me up for the day (compasionate and considerate - willingness to emote attraction switch - DHV#1) - make point of drifting off into my own world as I say it.
I walk on (none needyness), she reopens (IOI #3) with "think your day is going to be more interesting than mine"
Me: “hey you're a strong personality – but life is what you make it – you choose if you have a good day or not” (confidence, authority in her world/life – attraction switch + small IOI from me, but with kind of playful reprimanding tone - I AM LEADING THIS INTERACTION I remind myself not her!).
She follows as I go to the door, I look back and run C-shaped smiles (laced with well travelled and pre-selection switch - figured she was due an IOI and why the hell not weave in the 'pre-selection of women switch too - another DHV#2) - she lights up with big grin.
About to leave airport, she heads for the coffee stand. I adapt my trajectory, but stay in front, use coffee girls name (just saw it on badge) who lights up to me. Target re-opens with (IOI #4 with “great minds think a like”.
Me: "maybe, you just need a coffee fix, to keep you calm – I on the other hand actually love the caramel in the macchiato" – she laughs at bit too flamboyantly for her type – IOI #5.
She walks off and looks back (IOI #6)
she: "thanks for the compliment"
me: "what compliment?"
she: "the smile thing"
me: "Who said it was a compliment" (serious look (IOD) calibrated with cheeky smile (IOI).
Happy for her to walk off as 9/10 chance of her getting a taxi ( and if I lose out, who cares - I am the prize - I have plenty of choice) – I use other door (cant follow or demonstrate interest at this phase)
She is in the taxi Q with 2 people in front. No problem, remind myself I dont care about what others think. I Project voice – "Don't forget not to judge them in the first 10 seconds in the interviews"
she turns back
she: “and what makes you think I’d do that?”
– I then hit her with 5 statements about her personality type – she looks shocked, (IVD (Instant Value Demonstration #2 (classed also as DHVs - Demonstrations of Higher Value - required to build female to male attraction to allow you to progress to a Qualification phase)
she: "OMG that is so me, how did you know?," - It hits!
me: "well it wasn’t hard you stood out on the plane like a sore thumb" (she will assume looks)
she: "why were you watching me?" (cocky playful )
me: "you wish! (neg#2) no hard to miss someone when they are x,x,x (3 statements true of her personality type) (another look of shock)
-I quickly explain what I saw, she become like a little kid wanting to know more
then I hit her with 3 fun statements of the negative traits of her personality – she laughs again
and walks back to join me in the Q (ok plenty of IOIs now) (perhaps I did'nt need to continue the value demos after this???)
she: how do you know all this?" - I give her a personality profiling card I give out at seminars (success switch - DHV#3) and show her how she can use it in an interview (IVD Instant Value Demo - not that I suppose I need it at this stage, but Fiery Red types are not easily impressed and she look like she is very confident and successful in her own life) – then show her how to use the card on the reverse of how to highlight their Weanesses. She asks me if I want to share a taxi to the city centre (another IOI) (I should have gone as had time to spare) but said I was going elsewhere, did not want to change my mind (even though I was interested (in the old days – I would have followed) so said,
me: "there is something about you I am drawn to – we can work on the impatient side another time (IOI calibrated with an IOD) – let’s exchange numbers" we swop numbers
me: "ah ah" point to my cheek, she kisses, (first kino - need to escalate)
I give her a hug (kino #2), bust her on B- for a hug test, she re-initiates for an A (they always put more effort in the second time which I can reward them with by just saying "mmm now that's more like it" and then "now that's all you get" before shoving her off (Bait, Hook, Real, Release on a Compliance test) (nice size tits for small frame 🙂 she giggles and kisses me again and gets into the taxi all smiling
(rule for number closing always talk more after exchanging, but time against us)

She gave me card (she is Head of Operations for a major corporation – very strong corporate type – totally turned around from her way of being. Already text me saying we should meet up – my response (a half hour later) “why? With smile to calibrate) –
she: we would be cool together
Deal done for another day!

We have since chatted this evening and she WILL be in my life soon 🙂
Fuck me am tired just writing this thing (Caddy, better when you write them for me!), hope you guys can extract some relevant stuff from this - any observations - please post.

(The mist in this game is dawning for me - I hope you guys get the same feeling)
Discovery 🙂


there you go, a Field Report from back in the day - what can YOU learn from this?
Post below.


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