REVIEW: Atlanta Bootcamp 2010

ATLANTA Bootcamp June 2010 Discovery / Moody
by Nightwolf

Ok So prior to this bootcamp I had read all of the Venusian Arts Books

as well as other pick-up material because I wanted to learn as much as
possible. I was going out 2-3 nights a week in order to practice and
still something was missing. I needed something more to help me get a
firmer grasp of the concepts and elevate my success. I have to tell
you, actually seeing someone present this information to me in person
is like night and day compared to just reading all of the material
available. Especially, the way the bootcamp was organized. Let me


Discovery is an AMAZING instructor. He was very well organized and
focused on primarily giving us the tools and knowledge we need in
order to go in field and be successful. Basically, he cut out all of
the fluff and focused on educating us. We learned proper body
language techniques, roll-offs, and I honestly didn't expect for there
to be SO much information packed into this bootcamp. Especially the
new stacks and routines breakaway. There is so much material in there
and its all powerful information. I was really intrigued by both Discovery and
Moody. They both had great delivery and kept everything quite
entertaining throughout the bootcamp. If we were practicing and a
student made a mistake, they would make the appropriate correction and
explain why, so it was easy to understand.


All I have to say is WOW! I saw things during the infeield training
that I didn't think were possible. I've never seen a more confident
person than Discovery. His whole presence and way of being just
attracted people right to him. I saw him open set after set with ease.
I spent most of my time in field with Moody and the very first set he
opened he was able to kiss close in under 3 minutes. Any set I opened
he was able to make on the spot corrections which in turn made me more
aware of my actions. I actually saw him number close a bride to be
from a bachelorette party, lol. All in all, I was extremely impressed
with both Discovery and Moody and with all the knowledge they were
throwing my way, I was able to get two kiss closes and quite a bit of
number closes throughout the bootcamp.

I have to be honest, I really wasn't sure what to expect from this
bootcamp, but I'm so glad I did it. Discovery and Moody have an
abundance of knowledge to offer and I got so much out of this
experience. In fact Discovery covered so much material in his stacks
and routines breakout that I literally had to run all the way to the
train and then to my terminal in the Airport because I didn't want to
miss out on the valuable information.



A late review of the Atlanta 2010 Boot Camp

This is about four months late in coming, but I would like to provide a review of the Atlanta boot camp. After the Atlanta Boot Camp, I experienced a bit of a depression. I had hoped that after the Boot Camp, that I would know all the secrets of seducing any woman on site and that my game would improve intsnatly and magically.

My story of how I ended up in Atlanta in 2010 at that seminar is sort of like your story. I had some success with irls and women, but not any consistent success, and I always felt that the ranking of the women who were attracted to me was not what I truly wanted or felt I deserved. I wanted 9s and 10s and I got funky, brainy girls who would have been called emo-chics had they been born much later. I would have sporadic luck, and not consistent success. I spent a great part of my childhood, 20s and 30s being very shy. I had a live in girlfriend whom I wanted to move out. I did not love her, I did not even like her, but, fear of loneliness, and her refusal to move out made things a bit difficult. Somewhere along teh way, I read a copy of Neils' books, the Game. I tried to find a wingo through Craigslist, and that fell through because the fellows who responded to my call had even less game than me, at the time. About a year later, in January of 2010, I made the call again, and met a couple of guys who had read The Game and understood that I wantedto start from scratch and try to learn this art from books and experimentation. I met my main wing then and we went out almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, mostly in West Palm Beach, almost always to late night, loud dance clubs. We mostly focused on overcoming approach anxiety / approach avoidance, and just getting out of the house. He was dealing with a break up with a formerly live in girl friend. I was trying to have fun, get away from my live in girl friend, and develop a social circle to prepare for the day that she would finally leave. At some point, my wing and I sat down and drew out a time line of what skills we would like to develop on what time frame. It was sort of like a project management plan for learning game. We talked about going to every seminar by all the PUA Gurus, and after some discussion we decided that we would sign up together to do a Mystery Method Seminar. That is the summary version of how I got to Atlanta.

Nothing presented by Discovery at the boot camp is not available in books,

videos or other material that can be obtained from downloading on the Internet. I am going to repeat that statement, not because I am devaluing the Boot Camp, but because of my critique of the way the material is taught. Everything that Shaun taught at the Boot Camp is a repeat of everything that you can read online or in books. Why then take the boot camp?

Now I digress, learning PUA skills, in my less than humble opinion, is like learning how to play Jazz music. You can look at transcriptions of solos by Miles, and Monk and Mingus, and even listen to hundreds and thousands of hours of recordings of them playing, and you might gain an intelelctual understanding of Jazz and even a great intellectual appreciation of Jazz, but you won't know how to play. Jazz, a musical expression primarily characterized by playing improvisational lines based upon some set of chord changes or some melody, requires extensive practice. To improvise, you first must practice the scales for years in order to develop your own voice.

Shaun insists that to get good at game, you have to open 1,000 sets. I am preparing to attend the workshop to train men to be coaches, and he did not tell me to study how to be a flame or ghost or how to use swift techniques to kiss close or get phone numbers. He simply stressed how important it is to open, open, open. I shall return to this idea later.

If you go to a boot camp cold, without having learned anything about game, you would benefit a great deal. You would learn the basic theory, get some practice time in, and you would have a sense of your own potential to be better at talking to women and people in general. The boot camp alone will not make you an expert no more than an intense weekend of piano lessons will teach you how to be a great musician.

On the other hand, if you have six month to a year of field experience, practicing game, even if you are stumbling around, even if you never get laid, if you just have time in the field, and have a basic understanding of Mystery's model, then the Boot Camp will really up your game. You see, I believe that practice and repetition is the best way to learn and to gain expertise. What you get, additionally from a boot camp, is that you get to see Discovery (or whomever else is teaching) actually do the things we all wish we could do. The real learning is not from the material that Discovery is writing on the white board or talking about. The real learning comes from modeling (in the NLP sense, or observational learning in the Albert Bandura sense) the presence and state of the instructor. Reading about some technique or routine, stumbling around and trying it on your own, is very different from finally seeing someone execute it. Imagine reading Shakespear, and trying to memorize a solliloguoy and then going to a play and seeing an accomplished actor truly perform a Shakespearean role.

I am glad that I went to the Boot Camp in Atlanta in 2010, and I am continuing on with higher levels of learning through Vensuian Arts. All that aside, I do have some criticisms of the Boot Camp. Primarily, Discovery pours out an incredibly large amount of information at you. It really is too much to absorb in just three or four days. Go back to my analogy of trying to learn to play piano by having a marathon piano lesson for four days. Ideally, music lessons are once a week, with the time in between spent practicing, practicing, practicing. Ideally, I wish I could have had a weekly one hour class from Shaun over the course of six months. The cost and practiciality of that would make it hard. That is why I advise anyone who is going to take a boot camp to first practice and read and read and practice, preferably with a wing for at least six months before taking a boot camp. Then AFTER the boot camp, keep practicing. Do not think that the boot camp alone will improve your game. You need to religious keep practicing after the boot camp in order to internalize and incorporate whatever learning you did. I stress this, because I had teh magical fantasy that attending the boot camp alone would teach me all the secrets. The secret to picking up women really is practicing doing it within a theoretical framework that shows you and splains where to travel next.

During the boot camp, some of my brotehr students were very focused on writing down all the routines and the exact words of every strategy and routine that Discovery shared. To me, that is like trying to learn to play Jazz by merely copying the notes of someone else's imporovisation solo. What I focused on, was the internal, inner game that Discovery was projecting outward. I had read about the Ghost and the Flame in Revelations, but, although I undestood it intelelctually, I did not yet grasp it emotionally. By wataching Discovery present to the class, by watching him lead our little pack to lunch, by watching him in field, I got a sense of those two archetypes. Yes, it is important to practice canned routines, but, the sould of all this is understanding the Mystery's interpretation of evolutionary psychology, female dating psychology, and absorbing what it means to be the Ghost and the Flame. Without that, scripted routines will emerge like bad acting.

To summarize, there is great value in attaending a boot camp, but a boot camp should be a middle part in your over all self educational plan of practcing and more field practice. Open, open, open. If you come to boot camp with that pre-boot camp work done, you will receive even greater benefit. And after boot camp you need to keep practicing to see the evidence of what you learned.

One more thing I would like to add, is that Moody, whose real name escapes me, a rocker from Canada who was assisting Discovery as a trainee coach really helped me and all of us out by tallking and demostrating what we had learned in class after class ended and before we would go into field. Thanks Moody!! One more thing, is Discovery consistently went over the scheduled time teaching. That is a good thing, he seemed to enjoy imparting information and kept going teaching as longer as we were eager and enthusiastic to learn more.


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