REVIEW: I met Mystery (Miami Bootcamp 2010)

I finally met Mystery: My rant and review of the Miami 2010 Boot Camp
by Stoic

The Miami 2010 Boot Camp is now over several weeks, and it was the second  Boot Camp I attended. I also took the Coaching Program in Las Vegas. Discovery taught my first Boot Camp by himself. Las Vegas was taught by Discovery and Lovedrop. This just finished Boot Camp was taught by Discovery and Mystery. Yes! I finally met Mystery!!!!

I have to first tell you all that the day after the Boot Camp I felt somewhat depressed. I woke up, drove down to Miami Beach as I had everyday for the four days of the Boot Camp (I live about one hour north of South Beach), only after the seminar was over, instead of going to sit in class and then go out in field after, I drove down to meet up with Top Cat and drive him to the airport, to fly back to a London.

I had invited Top Cat to fly in early for one-on-one coaching. Since I live in Palm Beach county, I arrange for him to fly in to Palm Beach International Airport, and that was where he was flying out of, too. (Later I will write about the value of having one-on-one coaching.) So, I drive down to Miami, and then we drive up to PBIA, and then I drop Top Cat off, and all of a sudden I feel empty and depressed. It was because there was all this exciting activity and support and comraderie, and then after it is over, I realize that I have to push myself and encourage myself to practice, practice, practice.

I had that exact same feeling after my first boot camp and after the coach training. I will explain to you why. So many guys think that Game is just about meeting women and getting laid. That actually is a core and important part of Game, but it is not the essence. The essence of Game is becoming a more successful social being. The Game is about creating a social network so you have more friends and more social proof when you walk in to a club. Pre-Selection is the most important attraction switch. A certain aspect of Game is not about women, but about the comradery of having good hunting partners, of having wingmen and friendship. Getting more women is the side effect of becoming more playful, happier and more skilled at turning strangers into friends. I was feeling empty because during the Boot Camp, I reconnected with to of my new friends whom I met first at the Coaching training, and I met new friends, the guys in this training, and then after a week of excitement and activity and the intensity of the Boot Camp, I return back to the quiet of my house, to work, and the reality that to get better at Game, I have to practice daily with a disciplined dedication.

So, I met Mystery. I was not exactly sure what to expect before I met him. Then, someone, I think it was Discovery said, get ready to meet Mystery, there he was, tall and lanky just like on that VH1 show. I was surprised. He was not at all like some stand offish movie star. Mystery is genuinely a warm guy. When he talks to you, you feel like he really is interested. He is an Alpha, but is not aggressive or tough in that way that I had assumed an Alpha must be. Mystery actually is quite disarming. When he holds court, as he loves to do, you do not feel that he is boasting. It is like he is genuinely enjoying the attention and affection of those around him and he enjoys sharing what he knows with the guys who are listening. In fact, at no time did it ever feel like he boasted about anything. Mystery is, primarily, a great story teller. He does have a certain unearthly, absent minded quality.

For me, the moment of epiphany

..was when Mystery was sitting in a chair and was, as if describing a dream, was describing the stages of the Attraction phase, A1, A2, A3, and all of a sudden, as he was just sharing from his unconscious, something clicked and I understood this stuff. Discovery wants you to observe him, and then jump and do it. Discovery IS about action and doing. It is as if he is the military training commander and he wants you to learn just by jumping in to the river and swimming. Lovedrop teaches like a poet, in a way, or maybe that computer guy who expects that you will be cerebral in the classroom, and visceral in the field. Mystery just shares and flows. When he holds court, you are in his presence and he shares. I have never ever met a man who seems to truly understand and appreciate women better than Mystery. Mystery has no bitterness or hostility in him at all. I still feel hurt and angry when I get blown out of set. I still feel the sting of rejection. What I learned by observing Mystery is that the club, the social situation is a great big video game, and we all have an infinite number of quarters, and it is about getting rejected so many times, or rather, opening and interacting so many times, that you begin to see the patterns, so that it is not longer about negative emotions and rejection, but about being free to have fun and to generate good feelings instead of playing gambits and strategies.

I have to tell you, that no matter how wonderful an experience it was to learn from Mystery, the real learning comes after the boot camp when you practice, practice, practice. That is where you really learn mastery of this art. It is like guitar lessons. It is between lessons, where you are practicing the guitar where the mastery is achieved. The boot camp is just the lesson. In any case, Mystery is back. I have watched Discovery, Mystery and Lovedrop in the field and in class teaching. From each, I have learned something different. Seeing the differences has made me understand that although I need to use the structure of the Mystery Method, I need to develop my own style and voice to the way I implement it. I do look forward meeting Matador. With each master, I learn so much more.

I am planning on attending the up coming Las Vegas Boot Camp 2011. I think of myself as being smart but, I find that with this material, I personally benefit a great deal from repetition. Also, I admit, I like the camaraderie of being part of this community.

I just found out the prices of the Las Vegas boot camp, and there are some real deals, if you do seminar Friday and Saturday hotel is included! I am going to be at the Las Vegas Boot Camp this February, and I know that there will be some great coaches assisting (Yes, I admit, they are friends of mine!) so, I hope that you sign up for one-on-ones and the in field training, too.

I recently was talking to a young fellow who lives near me in South Florida about Game. I was trying to explain to him that to get good, all the Master PUAs told me that you have to open 1,000 sets. He took that o mean that it is all a numbers game, if you open enough girls, you will get laid once in awhile. I tried to explain that you have to open 1,000 sets, because at some point, after doing the same thing over an over, whether it is carpentry or playing guitar or poker or opening sets of people in bars and clubs, patterns emerge, and then it all begins to finally make sense. That is when the Matrix reveals itself. But, another thing happened for me.

I have always been shy.

When I go in to field, I have to push my shyness away, and I image Discovery and Topcat are behind me encouraging me. Learning Game has helped me overcome a great deal of that shyness. It has also helped me in marketing my business. The same skills required to open a set, create attraction and then deliver a DHV story apply when going to business networking meetings, and when going into offices to pitch a deal. Yes, I do want to sleep with more women, but that is not the only benefit of getting good at this stuff. I do want to encourage all of you, my brothers of the value of learning this stuff, and that it is not merely about getting laid. The name of the Game is really Social Game and Group Dynamics. And, I hope to see you all in February in Las Vegas!!!!

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