Ghost and Flame Practice Tips

The Ghost and the Flame are two concepts about how you should “be”. These are a set of attitudes that you will develop along your journey as a pickup artist. Here are some exercises and tips to help you develop Ghost and Flame attitudes more quickly. Master them and you too can become a Jedi.


A. Frame-Game. Practice with your friends or a wing. Have them neg you AMOG you. Practice not letting it affect you and respond to them by changing the frame and not falling into theirs. Example….

Wing: “Hey man, nice shirt, I had one just like that in high school”

WRONG: “This shirt isn’t from high school” (you answered his question directly, thereby accepting his frame and allowing him to be alpha”

RIGHT: “Man, your wife and kids called, they want to know when the heat is coming back on”. (You totally ignored his frame about the shirt and introduced one of your own)

Keep going back and forth, ignoring the frames your wing introduces and introducing frames of your own. The loser is the one who falls into the other’s frame first. (I suggest he buy the winner a drink of his choosing)

Once you get good, you’ll be able to recognize frames in public and avoid falling into them. That’s one way to be alpha. Experiment in social situations.

B. Inner attitude training. Try to feel the feeling of the “Ghost” on the inside. Do this alone. In front of a mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and continuously think to yourself, “it’s no big deal”. Feel that feeling. Focus on it. Do this for 5 mins straight. Notice how it feels. Remember it. Practice generating i.e. “faking” that feeling in public situations. Soon it will become a habit and that feeling will become real.


A. DHV Stories: Find the 3 coolest things about your life, the 3 coolest experiences that you are most proud of and make them into DHV stories. Practice them with your wing, and then tell them in social situations. Practice working DHV’s into your natural way of speaking. EG, whenever you tell a story you should have some preselection in it. “I was with my friend Kristen one time…” (even if you have to make that part up…)

B. Tell some jokes and run some game, but don’t “Jump around”. Be cool and grounded. Speak slowly. Measure your words. Change your pitch. Speak with pauses. Bust out some playful negs on your friends. Especially the alpha ones. Playfully AMOG them but be ready for them to battle back! Don’t be an ass though.

C. Be touchy-feely. Alpha guys are constantly touching other guys. Clapping them on the shoulder, patting them on the back. Punching them on the arm. They are touching women too. Hugs, hand games, putting them on their arm. Just remember to roll off of the girls before they roll off of you.

by Micky Angel

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