Workplace Love – Should I Bother?

What is your experience of Workplace Romances - share your thoughts below.

My take on WORKPLACE ROMANCES - let's face some reality -

Well, first some questions for you to ponder on...

1. What is the average your relationships have lasted so far?

2. Then consider how long you will want to stay at this company...

3. If your relationship is likely to be shorter than the time you want to remain there, you are in for an uncomfortable ride, as workplace romances can be tricky - BUT workplace BREAKUPS are horrible for EVERYONE around you. AND can massively affect your promotional prospects too - especially if SHE is more 'popular' than you.

4. Are you a natural leader that irrespective of work Rank, she will see you DAILY hold your own and shine and be respected by other men there, or are you being bossed around and lead by other men?

5. Remember Our Attraction value is not just until you hook her, its every day you are together and if the workplace does not allow you to be 'the Man' in her eyes - then she WILL quickly lose Attraction for you irrespective of how she/you felt initially.

Share what YOU think are the Pros and Cons of a fling/romance in the Workplace.

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