The ‘3 Second Rule’ for Life

The “Three Second Rule”

Apply it always and anywhere, it will make your life easier, merrier and much more interesting!

Hello there my friend, it’s The Dutch himself, coming straight at you from the lands of nether!
So, about the name of our new company website…3 Second Rule…(I hope you like it! 🙂  the other day I was talking to Discovery about it and how catchy the name was…three second rule…I mean, you gotta be honest it kinda has a nice flow to it right?

Well anyways, afterwards I started thinking about how these three simple words, when applied, won’t only change the outcome of the evening when it comes to girls, but also the outcome of your complete life when you apply it…literally, always!

I mean, think about it! How many times in your life…have you stood in front of an opportunity…and you didn’t take it…

You just stood there…thinking about…maybe…considering…possibly…to take a small step…to try it out…after you have thought it over very thoroughly…FIFTEEN TIMES! Only to find out after all that thinking that the glorious perfect moment has passed you by, and someone else took action on something that YOU could have taken action on!

And, to make matters worse, afterwards you find out that the person, who took action on YOUR opportunity, had massive success with it.
And then you tell yourself that you would have never reached that kind of success like him anyways…it must be him and his special greatness and superman powers…or something…and you tell yourself this, only to keep from not feeling as dumb as you should!

Honestly, when I look back in my life I have had MAAAAAANNNYYYYY opportunities I didn’t take action on…only to regret it afterwards! But when I came to the conclusion that I missed out on many great opportunities, and I’m not only talking about women here, I quickly flipped around my way of “doing things” if you understand what I mean.

I started applying the three second rule in everyday life and very quickly turned around from being the guy standing in the dark corner with a beer pressed against his chest, to being the guy that started talking to seriously EVERYONE around me! And not only that, but I also created so much more valuable and lifelong memories…just by taking action on things I would normally have thought about for…several hours!!!

I developed and integrated the habit of taking action, well within three seconds into everyday things and I must say, it makes things much easier, I get much more stuff done and my life went from going from “pretty interesting” to Amazing to the MAX!

So, there you have it, just a little thought I felt like sharing with you…I thought about writing it down and well within three seconds I started writing. So, the "3 Second Rule" my brother…you might want to incorporate it in your system and live your life in the fast lane!

Greets, Rick Dutch.

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