Lighting the Flame

by Pyrotecnik. The Zen of Cool – that’s what today’s lesson is about. There are two parts to this awesome model for inner game, represented by a Yin-Yan. Today we are talking about the Yan or flame. Now, if you haven’t read about the Zen of Cool in Revelation by Lovedrop, I would highly recommend you do, but here is a definition of the Yan in case you haven’t (or don’t remember).

The Yan is like being a flame who shines with such fun and positive energy that people are drawn in by their own desire for its warmth.

Read that definition one more time and memorize because it is a key characteristic of an attractive man. Now, the next question is how to do that. Here we are talking about inner game so we are going to focus on creating the attitudes and emotions that naturally lead to you acting this way. This will complement you outer game, giving you something to rely on if you run out of material and generally help you on your journey to become a naturally sexy guy – meaning you don’t have to think about what to do to be sexy, it just happens because you’ve genuinely transformed yourself.

First things first –get yourself into a great mood. People can identify your current emotional state. If you’re in a great mood, strangers will be naturally attracted because emotions are contagious. In other words, your good mood radiates out good feelings and everyone wants to feel good, so they are drawn in by your vibe.  Now, on the other hand, if you’re in a bad mood, you give people bad feelings, which everyone wants to avoid, so they will naturally be repelled by you.

Simply put,
being in a great mood = hooking the set
being in a bad mood = getting blown out

Let’s get down to tactics. These are things you should do before you go out, to help get yourself in a great mood. There are two things we going to use to achieve this. They are what you do with your body and what you focus on with your mind.

Imagine how you would move your body if you were in an amazing mood and then move that way. Walk the way you would walk if you felt amazing. Gesture the way you would gesture if you were in a great mood. Carry yourself like you just got a blow job from the hottest girl in the world, etc. More specifically, smile :-) …even if you don’t want to smile. Just hold a smile on your face the entire time you’re getting ready to go out, on your way to the venue, and at venue when you’re not in set. Make smiling a habit, this really works! Try it! You see, not only does your face show what you feel. You also feel what you show, if you keep a smile plastered on your face as mentioned above, it will actually make you feel happier –same thing for how you move your body. Similarly, if you like to dance, put some great music on and dance when you’re getting ready.

Now, the other major thing that effects the way you feel is what you focus on with your mind. One easy way to direct your focus is by watching a video clip or listening to a song (or play list) that naturally puts you into a useful mood for pick-up. For example, Matador has this clip of Kid Rock just killin’ it live that he watches and when you see it, you just feel like a rock star – it’s really awesome. But… it doesn’t have to be that, it could be anything, as long as it puts you into an awesome mood that is useful for being social.

Another important part of you emotional state is to be talkative. Now, this one is easy, just talk! Do think about what you are saying; just keep those words coming out. Practice your delivery on some routines you now, call a friend, talk with your pivot, talk with your wing, etc. etc. Next, when you get to the club or on your way there, do three warm up sets.

Follow the guide lines above and you should be in a better state of mind when you go out and practice. This will make you naturally more attractive, independent of your routines, how you are dressed or anything else. More importantly, you’ll have more fun! Think about what you’ve read, post comments or questions and give it a try.

by Pyro

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