How To Handle an Unexpected Breakup

This happens more than you think, especially in today's technological (and not so social) society where most people discuss important things through a phone App instead of face to face.

It literally happens that people break up through a short message on the phone, not really explaining anything and then simply blocking the number, not allowing the dumped a chance to ask "why?!".

If this has happened to you, these steps will help you Bounce Back after being dumped in such a weird way!

Step 1 - Accept!

Accept that the woman who dumped you wasn't emotionally strong enough to explain her reasons face to face.
Accept that the woman who dumped you didn't have the decency to sit down with you and speak her mind.

Accept that the woman who dumped you choose to take this path and that this says A LOT about her. (Is that the kind of person you want to have in your life anyway?)

Accept that she is now out of your life!

The sooner you ACCEPT, the faster you will recover.

Step 2 - Don't Hate!

Yes, you can be angry, pissed off, sad and very disappointed in her for choosing to end things without an explanation, but these emotions will easily fade away within a short time. However, if you choose to let these negative emotions grow into hate, you will walk around with a sour face for a VERY long time!

So, don't hate her for being weak!
Don't hate her for not telling you to your face what her reasons are for breaking up!

Don't hate her for being a person who isn't capable of showing you the respect and integrity you deserve!

If you choose to hold on to negative feelings and let them turn into hateful feelings towards her, you will only keep yourself from going forward in your life. And the time that's been given to you is not something you will want to waste on things that don't matter... and your ex doesn't matter anymore. She's your Ex!

Step 3 - Talk To Friends!

Don't sit around in a dark corner of your house going through this alone, there are people around you that care about you and your well being. So get up and go talk to them! Flush your emotions as fast as possible because that WILL help you to Bounce Back faster!!!

Step 4 - Learn!

Go back in time and go through your relationship and ask yourself "What can I learn from this".

You have invested valuable time, energy and resources in the relationship, she ended it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take any value out of it.

If all you can take from it are important life lessons, learnt through hardship and emotional pain because of the way she ended it...then GREAT! Grab that value with both hands, learn what you can from it and implement it into your system! You are now a wiser man with more relational experience and this WILL make you more valuable for women! They desire experienced men over inexperienced ones, so...

Step 5 - Let Go And Move Forward!

At some point, rather sooner than later, but most likely when you are emotionally ready... move on forward!

There is no reason you should let your time pass by while you're standing still, just because you've been dumped without an explanation.

Life goes forward, time passes and your time is valuable, so make it count!
The faster you let go of what has happened the sooner you will be back up and running again.

Take your newly experienced relational insights and implement them into the next one. Bounce Back, find love again and make it happen!

With passion, Rick!

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