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REVIEW: I met Mystery (Miami Bootcamp 2010)

I finally met Mystery: My rant and review of the Miami 2010 Boot Camp by Stoic I met Mystery. The Miami 2010 Boot Camp is now over several weeks, and it was the second  Boot Camp I attended. I also took the Coaching Program in Las Vegas. Discovery taught my first Boot Camp by himself.…
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REVIEW: Sydney Bootcamp with Mystery and Discovery

A Bootcamp Down Under Sydney Australia 2009 with Mystery and Discovery by Catalyst Wow.  Ok now you want the details right? Good. Well I just had an experience like no other. I went to Bootcamp. The first instructor I laid eyes on was Discovery. Great avatar and even better presence I almost felt a little intimidated…
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Field Report: Flight from EMA to Glasgow – 3-4mins Closed!

FR: - Flight from EMA to Glasgow - 3-4mins Closed! We wanted to share one of Discovery's very first Field Reports (2008) and the science and effort that went into this Game to get good.... ------------------------------------------------------ Ok hang with me here guys as am not the best FR writer (I tend to type out loud…
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