Would you like to make the game easier for yourself?

Hey, wanna make the game easier for yourself ?

Have you noticed that your gaming sessions are more hassle than fun? Here’s Doc Hollywood’s five field-tested tips on the matter:

1- Do your warm-up sets before you even step foot inside the venue you’re about to enter. The general rule is as early as you can muster and the earlier the better (there’s no exception to this rule). This will charge your social energy to a reasonable level within the first 2-3 approaches. Plus, these very sets will be way easier to talk to when and if you bump into them again inside the same or other venues in the area. Social proof is a breeze to establish in these cases.

2- Dress up. Stand out as much as you can. Even if you do not follow peacock theory to the letter, do NOT blend in (unless you’re intentionally trying to make game harder for yourself. In that case, by all means do.

3- Raise your chin up a tad bit and smile as much as your mouth corners let you. You will appear ridiculously warmer and friendlier. As you should.

4- Talk to EVERYBODY. Including the people that work there if you can. They’ll make your job easier next time you go there and a potential set sees the bouncers talk to you as if you were one of their buddies. That’s the reason naturally social guys have it way easier in the game than the rest of us. The people you meet should LIKE YOU. Real game doesn’t look like game, it looks like a bunch of strangers meeting each other for the first time and are actually enjoying it.

5- Do not go solo. Not only should you roll in with a group, that group should also include your friends, best wingmen and as many hot women as possible. This way you can actually have fun organically instead of faking it. And if you don’t know how easy it is for sets to open when you have two women on your arms on the approach, you will when you start doing it.

If you’re wondering how you can roll in with a bunch of women when the whole point is that the deficiency of women in your life is the very reason you’re reading this, stop wondering and start daygaming. Did you get numbers during daytime you can invite out at night? Good. You’re Welcome.

Now go out there and kick some ass, will ya?

Doc Hollywood

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