The perks of being “good” with pickup!

Hey there! Good to see you are still reading through the articles you should! Because there are some interesting, inspiring and motivating thoughts to be me Rick you...

Like, last week, i was enjoying the company of a young beautifull eastern european beauty...long black and shiney silky hair...big and beautifull grey eyes which she used very well as everytime she looked at me it sent this tingling feeling all over my body...just WOW!
We were doing nothing spectaculair, just chilling at a lounge bar, enjoying the vibe. We did not say much to each other as she did not speak any other languages than her own, and i have abslutely NO idea how to speak a single word in her language, but still we got along so well! 😉
So we were sitting very close to each other, on one of those very soft lounges, leaning into each other, having a drink, staring into each others eyes and sharing passionate kisses to pass the time. She wore a very sexy dress with showed the contours of her cleavege very well and, yeah...i probably did a very poor job at hiding the fact that i was constantly looking at it, haha.

At a certain point i found myself to feel abolutely amazing as i started reminiscing about all the fantastic things that had happend in my life, the memorable experiences, the valuable life lessons and what not since i started working on developping myself as a man.

Since i started working on my "social skills" i have had the most amazing things happening to me, i've met amazing men and women from all over the world, had the craziest experiences, built up a valuable network of high value people and grew to a whole new level as a person. And when i was thinking about all of those things, i noticed one very important thing...most of all the amazing things...had absolutely NOTHING to do with picking up women!?

Now, don't go and run off just yet, im NOT saying you should'nt be practicing pickup! What i am saying is that "one thing led to another" and a lot of the amazing things that happend to me in my life would have never happend if i did'nt get out to go and pick up.
Because once i got relatively "good" at it and saw the bigger picture of what was possible, it's as if i became truely passionate about life and started to really LEAD my life into the direction of my choice...instead of "just living life as time passes away". Do you understand my point? I became a man with options...everywhere!

I was sitting there with a girl i can't even find the right words for to explain how hot she is, i had amazing friendships with people who were positive and BIG thinkers...some of them big entrepeneurs and making more money a month than some do in their entire lifetime...i get invited to fly over and hang out in what ever country you can think and have some loving friendships with ladies that are absolutely amazing!

The amount of people i have spoken to these past 5 years, through networking, while using my pickup's insane when think of it! At some point i did not even need any one to go out with, i would just go...and i would never EVER be alone as i would either meet some one new, or a person ive met earlier on...

Connecting with others goes with such easy these days i truely feel i am a "social artist" capable of turning almost any situation into the direction of my choice while adding value to it...and i don't even have to speak a language to do so...WOW...just...WOW...

Let me tell you, writing this makes me so enthousiastic and passionate about meeting new and connecting with people, i feel truely happy! And my happyness almost made me forgot the point why i was writing this...
The point i am writing this is because, as a professional Coach i work with a lot of people who struggle to stay motivated to continue the path they started walking on, because they dont see immediate results...

Now, i don't have the magical answer which will give you the quickest results, there are no quick fixes to become succesfull...but man, with all of the things that i have learnt from the road blocks that were in my way (and still are) while walking my personal path, i became a better, smarter, stronger and more attractive man than i could have ever become without those road blocks! So, i am gratefull as every thing that stands in my way makes me take a step back, assess the situation, learn something new...and DEAL WITH IT!

And THAT is something that i have learnt from Pickup, HOW to DEAL with the situation as it presents itself!

Every situation different than the one before it...some harder than the other...and i would'nt want it to be any easier! I hope (and know) that life will throw more difficult things in my way, but with that also even more amazing and beautifull things...and i will deal with them, and grow, because i know that with my pickup skills in the pocket and implemented into my system, i know i OWN those important life skills i need to, not only build my life bigger and better...but also the lives of others! And those are the perks of being "good" with Pickup!

So, enjoy your life and live it with a smile!
Add value to your life and the lives of others!
Practice and polish your pickup skills and implement them as a valuable habbit into your system so you can use them anytime and anywhere...because the skillset of a good PUA is a priceless skillset to have, which may bring much value to you and people around you when used properly...

With love,

Rick Dutch!

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